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Season 7

Episode 7

(So He Was the One Whom She Had Loved for Eight Years (7)

Gu Yusheng did not think too much about the package until he casually glanced at the mailing address and froze for a moment. The next second, he picked it up and immediately opened it.

When he pulled a letter out and saw “Mr. S” on the envelope, his heart began to race. He’d been waiting for A’s letter for the past few days, and now that he had finally received it he became nervous.

He was not sure if A would not be happy that he had stood her up or if she would divulge anything to him about the man she loved.

Gu Yusheng tightly held the letter and took a long, silent breath before he grabbed a blade and cut it open. He pulled the letter out from the envelope and unfolded it with a trembling hand.

He skimmed the beginning part, mostly made up of general greetings, and then he found the important part.

“At the start, it was pure coincidence that I met the man I loved. He had visited my school to give a talk, and I had been assigned to receive him.”

A had written a lot. Gu Yusheng had thought she would have written more before she got to how she had met the guy she liked.

He hadn’t expected her to tell him the story of how she had met him, only after she had briefly mentioned that she was understanding after he had stood her up and they could make arrangements to meet in the future.

Gu Yusheng read her brief words many times before he laid his eyes on the words “give a talk” and “receive him.”

Even though he stopped reading there, he had a good idea whom it was she loved.

“I thought I would only see him once and then never again. I was blessed to become his secretary after applying for an internship at that company. I was his secretary for three months, and then my internship ended. I didn’t sign the employee contract with the company, so I’ve lost contact with him again.”

Internship, secretary, didn’t sign the contract…

After Gu Yusheng read these words, his hand shook so hard that the letter fell from his hand onto the floor next to his foot.

He felt like his soul had left his body. He leaned against the desk as still as a statue for some time.

This is not someone else whom she likes, but it is me.

It was me she had liked.

She has liked me for eight years.

Gu Yusheng felt his blood flow as his breathing stopped.

He stared out the bay window at the dark sky lit up by glowing streetlights that showed off the busy hustle of the city.

After a long time, he regained his composure and looked down to continue reading the letter. It was only now that he realized he’d dropped the letter.

He frowned slightly, looked down, and saw the letter next to his shiny shoe.

He slowly bent down to pick it up. After several deep breaths, he refocused on the letter and continued to read.

“Mr. S, you asked me what kind of man he is.”



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