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Season 7

Episode 67  

(Wait for Me to Rouse (1)

A strong force knocked him off his feet, into the air, and he fell hard on the ground. A sharp pain emanated from every cell of his body as he lost consciousness.


Having watched Qin Zhi’ai squatting on the floor and crying loudly for a long time, a customer walked up to her, bent down, and gently asked her, “Miss, are you alright?”

Qin Zhi’ai hugged herself to her knees and shook her head. She had cried so long that her voice was hoarse and she couldn’t answer. She fell into another deep bout of crying, this time with her shoulders shivering and shaking.

She had deeply loved Gu Yusheng for many years. No matter how agreeable she had been in front of him last night, she knew at the bottom of her heart that she would not actually think about their future even though she had said she would.

Many men had wanted to date her for the past several years, but she had never been interested in marriage, despite the fact that her suitors were either wealthy, smart, or powerful, or all three.

But she was not interested in them or marriage, because she only wanted to marry Gu Yusheng and she had committed to not marry anyone but him.

She had been waiting for him to fall in love with her for all those years, and once she finally knew that he loved her, he still seemed very far away from her.

This was the distance that kept them from being together, despite how deeply in love with him she was.

Can I give him up so easily and be apart from him from now on?

She did not want to give him up, especially after seeing those two notes he wrote her on the paper currency. But the alternative, asking him to give up his only family member for her, was not something she was prepared to do.

She had to cut all connections to him, yet she could not help but secretly think about whether or not “that light would be still on if he had a change of heart.”

Her flight was about to depart but she couldn’t move, but an irrepressible idea that she would like to see him one final time flashed in her head.

“Miss? Miss?” The customer was still worried about her and trying to get her attention.

Qin Zhi’ai wiped her tears and tried to stand up. Her legs had fallen asleep after squatting for so long, and she almost fell on the floor. Another customer happened to be standing next to her and held her up.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Qin Zhi’ai nodded and then thanked the first customer who’d remained the entire time she was sobbing and was now offering her a tissue. She did not have a chance to take it, as she suddenly turned around and ran out of the airport without even taking the magazine she had already paid for.

After having heard what Lu Bancheng said last night, she’d been forcing herself to be rational instead of emotional.

She wanted something for herself for once and wanted to follow her heart to see him one more time, even if only at a distance.

Qin Zhi’ai looked around at the exit of the airport and saw a long line of people waiting for taxis. Frustrated, she stomped the ground before running to the parking lot, where many unregistered taxis were available. She randomly picked one and got in without even asking for the price. She immediately urged the driver to start the car once she took a seat.

Upon arriving at the hospital where Old Master Gu was staying, she paid the driver with her phone and got out of the taxi. She saw Xiaowang casually walking out of the hospital and immediately called out his name to stop him.



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