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Season 7

Episode 52

(Little Troublemaker, I’m in Love with You (2)

“Liang Doukou, it has nothing to do with you as to why I did not tell Gu Yusheng that I was that substitute. It was for Gu Yusheng’s own sake that I didn’t tell him!

“Because I do not wish for him to be known as a heartless man, nor do I want his relationship with his family to sour!

“I am not like you, Liang Doukou. You are the one who wants to monopolize and cling onto him relentlessly. I simply wish for him to be well!

“So stop trying to speculate about me with your filthy way of thinking!”

Qin Zhi’ai had become furious when Liang Doukou had used her brother and Xu Wennuan to threaten her but, after having her say, she calmed down slightly.

Looking straight into Liang Doukou’s eyes, she continued to speak, stressing each word in the process.

“Don’t worry, Liang Doukou. I am leaving, but it is not because I fear you. I simply do not wish to see you go to such great lengths to torment Yusheng and his grandfather!

“The two slaps I gave you were for the things that you’ve done to my mother and to me. If you dare to lay your hands on my brother or my friend…”

A sharp look flashed across Qin Zhi’ai’s eyes. “…Liang Doukou, I really wouldn’t mind fighting you to the death. Do not forget that I was your substitute for two years. Having pretended to be you for such a long time, I do know a few of your dirty secrets. If you do not wish for the whole world to know about them, then I’d advise you to steer clear of me from now on!”

After saying her peace, Qin Zhi’ai shoved Liang Doukou aside. Liang Doukou staggered backward in her stilettos and slammed into the glass door, as Qin Zhi’ai continued to make her way out of the building.

As she reached the foot of the stairs, Qin Zhi’ai suddenly recalled how Liang Doukou had made her spill boiling coffee and tea onto Old Master Gu so that she could use it as an excuse to chase her away from Hui Shi.

Qin Zhi’ai stopped and then slowly turned her head in Liang Doukou’s direction.

“Liang Doukou, Old Master Gu sincerely likes and dotes on you. It is difficult to meet someone who truly treats you well from the bottom of their heart in this world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you: Stop manipulating the Old Master unscrupulously as a tool to achieve your motives.”

Not having slept for an entire night, Qin Zhi’ai was out like a light the moment her head hit the pillow. At 10 in the morning, she woke up hungry. She found some food in the apartment, ate heartily, and then went back to bed to avoid letting her thoughts wander. Her pregnancy made it easy to fall asleep in no time.

If possible, Qin Zhi’ai’s wish was to sleep until the next day when it was time to go to the airport. Unfortunately, she received a call from Xu Wennuan at six that evening.

As Xu Wennuan was in Tibet and couldn’t make it back in time for Qin Zhi’ai’s flight tomorrow, she had called to say goodbye in advance.

Having shared a close relationship for many years, Qin Zhi’ai could sense the mild changes in emotions that were hard for outsiders to notice, and she could tell that Xu Wennuan’s mood was much better now as compared to how it was before she left.

Qin Zhi’ai was delighted for her friend. Upon ending the call, she was about to get herself something to eat when her phone began to ring again.



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