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Season 7

Episode 47

(The Azure Sky Awaits the Preceding Rain, Like How I Waited for You (7)

It’s such hot news. How could it be buried away already?

Qin Zhi’ai continued checking the news on Sina but was still confused when she finally exited. When she did, her message reminder popped up, so she tapped it.

There were numerous text messages all from the 10086 service number, and there was one missed call.

In a glance, Qin Zhi’ai recognized Gu Yusheng’s number.

Why is he suddenly calling me?

Qin Zhi’ai was always rational when it came to recognizing situations that were out of her control to worry about; however, if a situation involved Gu Yusheng, all rationale vanished.

She stared at her cell phone for more than half an hour deciding whether or not she should return the call. It was late, nearly midnight, and it was likely he’d be asleep by now, so she compromised and decided to text him.

“What did you call me about this afternoon?”

Qin Zhi’ai put her phone on the nightstand and laid down to sleep. Immediately, the phone rang.

She grabbed it instantly and saw “Gu Yusheng” lighting up the screen. Without hesitation, she answered, “Hello?”

The other end of the call was noisy, and many people seemed to be talking at once. Qin Zhi’ai finally identified Nanny Zhang’s voice in the background.

“He’s been in surgery for a long time. Why isn’t he out yet?… Nurse, nurse, what is going on in surgery? What’s taking so long?…”

Nurse? Who’s sick?

Qin Zhi’ai frowned. Not hearing anything from Gu Yusheng for a long time, she became nervous, saying again, “Hello?”

After no response from Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi’ai called his name, “Gu Yusheng?”

Nanny Zhang’s voice was becoming more distant from Gu Yusheng’s phone, and the last thing Qin Zhi’ai could clearly hear her say was, worriedly, “What do you mean it doesn’t look optimistic?”

Qin Zhi’ai’s heart jumped. “Gu Yusheng, are you there?”

This time, Qin Zhi’ai finally heard a short response from Gu Yusheng. “Here.”

“What…” Qin Zhi’ai started, but upon hearing Nanny Zhang’s voice again, she paused. Nanny Zhang asked Gu Yusheng, “Young Master, do you think anything will happen to your grandpa?”

Qin Zhi’ai forced herself to remain silent.

Grandpa Gu?

Is something wrong with grandpa Gu?

Nanny Zhang is so worried… What could be happening with grandpa Gu?

Grandpa Gu is Gu Yusheng’s only family member left.

Five years ago, he was so crushed when his parents passed away. And if grandpa Gu were to pass away now…

Qin Zhi’ai felt a knife twisting in her heart. It was so real that she could not breathe. She asked without any hesitation, “Gu Yusheng, which hospital are you at now?”

Gu Yusheng hesitated for a moment before telling her.

After ending the call, Qin Zhi’ai immediately turned on the light. She flipped the blanket off, put on some clothes, and grabbed her wallet and cell phone before hurrying downstairs.

She hailed a taxi within a minute of standing at her apartment complex’s gate and told the driver the hospital name. Upon arriving, she paid the driver and rushed into the emergency room building.

Qin Zhi’ai took the elevator to the surgery floor. When she walked out of the elevator, she saw Gu Yusheng standing against the wall next to the surgery room at the end of the hallway.



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