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Season 7

Episode 41

(The Azure Sky Awaits the Preceding Rain, Like How I Waited for You (1)

She dropped the envelope off at a nearby post office when she went out to get some dinner at five thirty that evening.

Liang Doukou had been in a good mood since Qin Zhi’ai had left Hui Shi, even though she hadn’t seen Gu Yusheng yet. A few days prior, she had been ecstatic because her new movie had opened to enormous success. She was taking all opportunities to appear on television and at events. Her life was going well.

Zhou Jing and Liang Doukou went out for dinner that night with an older overseas investor who, while overdrinking, touched Liang Doukou’s hand and peeked at her a few too many times. Disgusted, Liang Doukou managed to secure a $100 million investment from him by the end of dinner, which significantly improved her mood.

After getting in the car to leave the restaurant, she pulled out some wipes and vigorously cleaned her hands while chatting with Zhou Jing. When she was done, she asked the driver to turn up the music, and then she sang along with the lyrics as they drove 2nd Ring Road.

When they ran into construction on the highway, the driver avoided an upcoming roadblock by detouring onto back streets to make their way home.

Driving by a residential area, Liang Doukou inspected her elegant nails while mentioning to Zhou Jing she wanted to get her nails done sometime soon. When she looked up and glanced out the window, she spotted a familiar car. She yelled at the driver, “Stop the car!”

Zhou Jing had had a lot of drinks at dinner, and she’d been resting with her eyes closed during the ride. She frowned and opened her eyes when Liang Doukou yelled. “What happened?”

Without responding to Zhou Jing. Liang Doukou rolled down her window and looked behind the car. Zhou Jing turned around to look, too. There was an Audi parked at the curb with its emergency flashers on. Leaning on the car in a thin black coat, Gu Yusheng was smoking a cigarette and staring at the building in front of him.

Zhou Jing asked, “What’s Gu Yusheng doing there? Why’s he standing there this late?” As soon as she asked the questions out loud, her smile disappeared when she caught the name of the building that Gu Yusheng was watching. Before she could say anything, Liang Doukou hissed with hatred, “Well of course he is. He’s here for that little substitute body double.”

Liang Doukou angrily snapped her head back into the car window. She turned to Zhou Jiang and said, “Didn’t that body double leave Hui Shi? They haven’t seen each other recently. Why is Gu Yusheng at her building?”

Although she was as upset as Liang Doukou, Zhou Jing remained composed as she processed what was going on. She calmly asked the driver to start the car before she turned to Liang Doukou and said casually, “Don’t get too mad. That poor girl is going to go overseas to study soon, isn’t she?”

Zhou Jing apparently sounded too casual, because Liang Doukou began to lose all composure. As she took a breath to yell, Zhou Jing said slowly, “But…”

Liang Doukou swallowed the words on her tongue and asked in confusion, “But what?”

Zhou Jing stared out the window for a minute with her head tilted. She suddenly smiled and turned to Liang Doukou. “But I have a big surprise for her before she goes abroad.”



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