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Season 7

Episode 33

(Three Encounters, Falling Thrice in Deep Love (3)

With his back still facing Lu Bancheng, Gu Yusheng frowned when he heard “gambling debt.”

“Gambling debt?”

He had often been suspicious about Qin Zhi’ai’s age. She’d always seemed older than her peer graduates. He asked Lu Bancheng to check her profile, where they noticed that she had a gap due to her mother’s illness.

How come Lu Bancheng is saying it was because her father owed a gambling debt?

Lu Bancheng had no idea what was on Gu Yusheng’s mind. He sighed and murmured quietly, “Bro Sheng, do you know I had thought the love between Haozi and Nuannuan was the greatest love I would ever witness? Even when I was overseas for high school and didn’t see you guys that much, it was always the greatest love I’d ever seen. I’ve watched them for years, and I’ve seen how Haozi has been exceptionally good to Nuannuan. I was touched by his love much more deeply than most men.”

Ever since Lu Bancheng had learned at the Gu Company’s annual meeting that Xu Wennuan was the captain in the game he’d been playing, he had developed a crush on her, but he hid it well so as to not ever be in-between Haozi and Xu Wennuan. He had always believed they were destined to be together.

Lu Bancheng paused for a second then continued to talk. Sentimentally he asked, “But, Bro Sheng, why was Haozi with Jiang Qianqian? Was he after the money in Jiang’s family? Is money more important than love?”

Lu Bancheng continued to postulate out loud, but Gu Yusheng didn’t hear him, as he had been thinking about the gambling debt ever since Lu Bancheng had mentioned it.

Suddenly, Gu Yusheng opened his eyes as Lu Bancheng became even more sentimental.

Gu Yusheng stared at the white wall in front of him for two seconds before suddenly sitting up, turning to Lu Bancheng, and asking, “Did you know that Qin Zhi’ai’s father owed a gambling debt?”

Lu Bancheng was shocked when he threw that question at him. He quickly composed himself and replied, “I heard it from Nuannuan. She didn’t really talk about Xiao’ai with me, but I just overheard about it by accident.”

But in fact, Lu Bancheng had not learned about it by accident. A few days earlier, when he’d been playing the mobile game with Xu Wennuan, she had mentioned it when Lu Bancheng had asked her why she was always traveling by herself and not with her roommate.

Xu Wennuan told him that her friend had some family issues, so she couldn’t afford to travel, and she didn’t want to ask her to do things that would make her feel bad because she had no spare money.

Xu Wennuan still wasn’t aware that Lu Bancheng was to whom she was talking from the game, but Lu Bancheng did know it was Xu Wennuan, so he also knew the good friend Xu Wennuan had talked about was Qin Zhi’ai. His curiosity had led him to ask about the issues her roommate had with her family.

Even though Lu Bancheng was an anonymous friend in the game, Xu Wennuan considered Qin Zhi’ai’s family issues private, so she vaguely said, “Her father owes a lot of gambling debts. She had two years of gap in college because of it.”

If Xu Wennuan said it, it must be the truth because they were best friends.

If Qin Zhi’ai’s father had owed a gambling debt, why didn’t that show up when I performed the investigation on her when she came to intern at Hui Shi?

And even if that information had been wiped out, at least her two gap years would have shown up, but they hadn’t.

Who could have messed with her profile data?



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