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Season 7

Episode 2

(So He Was the One Whom She Had Loved for Eight Years (2)

Of course, Gu Yusheng had known that she was not there for a blind date that day. He had asked these questions only to convince her that he was completely unaware of her activities.

Gu Yusheng leaned back into his chair and, although it was a subtle movement, he exuded elegance. “Mm,” he replied casually. Pausing briefly, he wanted to ask, “Then why were you there that day?” But before he could, Qin Zhi’ai turned over and said, “I was there to meet a friend.”

Frowning, he turned and took one glance at her before assuming a composed expression. Picking up from where she had stopped, he asked, “What friend?”

“Hmm…” To make the atmosphere less tense, Qin Zhi’ai sincerely pondered for a way to describe Mr. S. “A friend I’ve never met in person.”

“Mm?” Gu Yusheng already knew in his heart but, upon hearing this, he still assumed a look of surprise as if he was puzzled by her words. After a brief moment, he pretended to be confused and gave her a typical reply. “You’re not meeting a friend from the internet, are you?”

“Not a friend from the internet.” Qin Zhi’ai shook her head and continued, “But it’s a similar kind of situation.”

The radio in the car was slightly loud, so Gu Yusheng reached out his hand to lower the volume and conveniently increased the temperature of the air conditioning before turning his head to look at her. He remained silent, but his expression seemed to be asking, “What do you mean by ‘a similar kind of situation’?”

Seeing the strange look on his face and being completely unaware of what he was really thinking, Qin Zhi’ai continued to explain. “He’s a pen pal. And yeah, sure, the trend was over ages ago, but I’ve known my pen pal for quite some time.”

This was the reply that Gu Yusheng had been waiting for, after beating around the bush for such a long time. “When did you guys start writing to each other?”

“In our junior year of high school.”

Finally, we’re on the topic of high school…

Gu Yusheng continued to engage with her accordingly. “That is indeed a long time ago.”

After a pause, he asked, “It’s a miracle that the two of you have kept up with writing to each other for so many years.”

Qin Zhi’ai’s lips lifted into a smile. “Yeah.”

“You were alone when I saw you that day. Did you two manage to ever meet?”

“No. He had some urgent matters and couldn’t make it.”

“Oh,” Gu Yusheng replied apologetically. After some time, he asked casually, “Have you been friends with Xu Wennuan since high school?”

“Yup, we’ve been good friends since our sophomore year.”

“Is that so?” Gu Yusheng paused and, as if he was suddenly baffled, he turned and stared into her eyes before asking, “Then technically, we would have known each other in high school, right?”

If we hadn’t been talking about her relationship with Nuannuan in high school right now, and how I’m from the same class as Wu Hao, I would never have imagined that we knew each other.

So, she’s been the only one who had cherished all the beautiful memories of their youth…

Qin Zhi’ai’s fingers quivered slightly, and she quickly lowered her gaze to hide the look of disappointment in her eyes before saying nonchalantly, “I guess we kind of know each other.”


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  1. This suspense is too much now!! All the same, well done. next please



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