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Season 7

Episode 19

(The Words on the Note (9)

Gu Yusheng remembered that Xu Wennuan often passed her drink to Wu Hao, who would open the cap and pass it back to her. He thought that Qin Zhi’ai wanted him to do this too, so he gently opened the cap and passed the green tea back to her. He couldn’t help but smile inside; he thought this girl was funny.

Why’d she want me to open the cap for her? Do I even know her?

She stood there with her hands cradling the green tea bottle, with no sign she would walk away. He frowned in confusion, wondering why she hadn’t left after he had opened the bottle for her.

Does she want me to take her out to eat, too?

Unfortunately, though, before he had a chance to ask her, he received a call and had to leave. His father had come home late that night, pulled his mother out of bed while she’d been sleeping, and hit her until she’d lost consciousness, sending her to the hospital.

He had really noticed Qin Zhi’ai at Wu Hao’s birthday party. That day, a group of close friends had booked a party room near school, where they’d drunk, eaten, and had fun.

Qin Zhi’ai had drunk half a bottle of wine, thus becoming more outgoing than usual. As the party was approaching its end, she sang a duet with Xu Wennuan—a song called “Looking for the One.”

Toward the end of the song, Xu Wennuan winked and pointed at Wu Hao, singing word for word, “I am looking for the one, who blinds me with happiness. Only people in true love could understand that deep love.”

Qin Zhi’ai stood next to Xu Wennuan, looking cute and much quieter than Xu Wennuan. With her head down and the microphone in her hands, she sang the last part of the song: “I am looking for the one. He made me believe in happiness. What could make people more loyal in love? With you by my side, I have all the answers to my happiness.”

After singing, Qin Zhi’ai and Xu Wennuan walked around the long table to the door, talking and laughing together. As they passed by him, Xu Wennuan bumped into Qin Zhi’ai a little too hard and she stumbled and fell on him.

Even though her weight bore down on him for only a few seconds, he clearly felt her hand pressed against his crotch. She seemed not to have noticed at all, perhaps preoccupied with getting to the restroom, or not even realizing she’d bumped anyone.

She definitely didn’t realize she just touched a man’s d*ck.

It was true; she didn’t act awkward at all and walked away with Xu Wennuan, talking and laughing as if nothing had happened.

Gu Yusheng was left standing there as if struck by lightning. His body was extremely tense. Even worse, he had to get to the restroom because the bulge in his pants would not go away. As he waited for half an hour, he felt bad, as if he’d been played.

After Qin Zhi’ai and Xu Wennuan returned to the party room, he started to frequently glance at her. His own mother was a beautiful woman, and he had developed a good taste for classy women early on. That night he had looked at her more times than he could count. The more he looked, the cuter she became.

After Wu Hao’s birthday party ended, Wu Hao was drunk, so Gu Yusheng sent him home. Among the gifts, he spotted the one that Qin Zhi’ai had bought for Wu Hao. Gu Yusheng went to a gift shop and bought the same music box, and then he switched the one he had bought with the one Qin Zhi’ai had bought.



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