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Season 7

Episode 15

(The Words on the Note (5)

Gu Yusheng raised his hands up to rub his temples to relieve his headache. He closed the gift box and looked deeper into the storage box, which was full of more textbooks and study materials.

He tossed the books and notes behind him. As he dropped an English textbook he had used for second semester as a senior, a yellow paper fell by his foot. He glanced at it and noticed that notes were written all over it, including the words “little lovemaker.”

His brows creased, and he immediately grabbed the book and picked up the note.

“Patriotic dream or little lovemaker, which one?”

As these seven words flashed through Gu Yusheng’s head, his heart skipped a beat and suddenly he felt a sharp pain.

The pain was familiar, from the time Lu Bancheng had hinted to him that he had fallen in love with little troublemaker. Gu Yusheng had always wanted to be a bachelor, so this news had caused him to agonize over whether he wanted to continue his relationship with Qin Zhi’ai or give up on her.

And he had experienced this pain other times, too. The scenes of him crying and saying sorry started to come back to him.

This time though, his memory was not just about his despair at the time, but he remembered having been in a bathroom and saying more than just “sorry.” This memory was sporadic and jumped from place to place, but he could recall what he had said despite his emotions: “Little lovemaker, I am sorry. I am really sorry. I miss you, Xiao’ai.”

His head started to hurt and, although he rubbed and pressed on his temples, the pain did not go away. Instead, it got worse.

The scenes in his head began to change. It was not just him crying and saying sorry, but now he could see himself riding a bike with a girl sitting behind him. He was giving her a ride home.

Who was that girl?

Gu Yusheng closed his eyes and tried hard to see who she was, but his memory was cloudy and he couldn’t clearly see her. In fact, his head hurt so much that it felt like it might explode at any second. He covered his head with his hands and squatted on the floor without caring about how he might look.

Nanny Zhang worriedly ran over to Gu Yusheng. “Young Master, what’s wrong? Young Master? You don’t look good.”

Gu Yusheng didn’t have the strength to answer her. He curled up into a ball from the pain and moaned in a low pitch. The pictures in his head became complicated and overlapped.

Why am I crying again?

Who is that girl in the internet cafe?

When was I lying on the grass with that girl? Who is she?

I wish she would turn around so I can see who she is.

These scenes changed faster and faster. His temples started to throb, and he could not help but raise his hands and pull at his hair.



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