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Season 7

Episode 10

(So He Was the One Whom She Had Loved for Eight Years (10)

Wu Hao had finished most of the alcohol on the table but, when Gu Yusheng stepped into the room, he still managed to get up and address him clearly, “Brother Sheng, you’re here.”

Not even nodding his head, Gu Yusheng casually walked up to the table.

Wu Hao had reached out to pull a chair for him but, ignoring it, Gu Yusheng pulled another chair and sat on that one instead.

After Lu Bancheng sat down, he let down his guard and was noticeably drunk. They sat for some time, when he cocked his head and sized him up a few times before addressing him incoherently. “Brother Sheng…”

After calling for the waiter to get Gu Yusheng a glass, Wu Hao poured some alcohol for him and returned to his seat before continuing with what he was telling Lu Bancheng prior to Gu Yusheng’s arrival. “I genuinely love Nuannuan. Since I first saw her in my sophomore year in high school, I made up my mind in that moment that she is the one whom I will marry in this lifetime. Even after 10 years have passed, I have never changed my mind…”

“If I were truly only thinking for myself, would I have needed to start up a company and work myself to death like this? All I wanted was to let Nuannuan live comfortably. Did you know, I did not receive any orders for half a year during the early days of starting up my company, and since I invested all my money into it, Nuannuan prepared all my meals for me every single day. She spent the money that she had saved for all those years to provide for me, and I really couldn’t bear to watch it.

“Coincidentally, Jiang Qianqian placed a huge order with me at that point in time. I really only got together with her for the sake of that order… I have never considered a long-term relationship with Jiang Qianqian. All along, I was planning to make things clear with her after my business stabilized, but I had never imagined that our relationship would come to light.

“My relationship with Jiang Qianqian has never been a sincere one… Why would I like Jiang Qianqian? The only reason I was with her was to provide Nuannuan with a better life. Everything I’ve done has been for Nuannuan’s sake…”

Suddenly, the drunk Lu Bancheng, who had largely ignored Wu Hao’s mumblings and kept his head down, abruptly slammed his alcohol bottle forcefully onto the table and looked up into Wu Hao’s eyes. His eyes were red from drinking and his speech was slurred but, after much effort, he eventually spat out an almost complete sentence.

“Excuses! Everything was for your own sake. Don’t shirk off the responsibility.

“Bancheng, let me tell you. You’ve never experienced the down-trodden life, and you’ll never understand how hard it is for people like me—without a good family background and financial backing—to make it big in this world!”

Chugging down half a bottle of alcohol, Lu Bancheng retorted, “That is still an excuse. There are plenty of people in the world who don’t have money, and you’re the only one I know who chose to betray someone.”

“Bancheng, don’t be like this. Everything that you’ve said here tonight has been directed at me. I sought you out because I was feeling down, and now you’re making me feel worse.” As Wu Hao spoke, he raised his bottle and gulped down the entire contents as if he were drinking water.

“Never mind. When you meet Jiang Qianqian later, she’ll make you happy.” After saying this, Lu Bancheng lifted his head and finished the remaining alcohol in his bottle.

“You…” Wu Hao was rendered utterly speechless and turned his head toward Gu Yusheng. “Brother Sheng, did you see that. This is how Bancheng is keeping me company.”

Gu Yusheng only lifted his eyelids slightly and did not react to Wu Hao’s words. He reached out his hand to take the glass of alcohol on the table but, before he touched it, he remembered that that was the drink that Wu Hao had poured for him, so he switched to grab another unopened bottle. Opening it using the wedge on his lighter, he lifted his head and took a sip.




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