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Season 6

Episode 99

(So She Is A (9)

Gu Yusheng already knew what her next reaction would be, so he had already reached his hand out to stop her from closing the door on him.

If Wu Hao had not gone to Gu Yusheng to request help, Gu Yusheng would never had bothered with the mess Wu Hao had created. What made him change his mind to help was when Wu Hao said, “Bro Sheng, can you come to Nuannuan and Xiao’ai’s apartment?”

After realizing that Qin Zhi’ai was, in fact, A in Shanghai, Gu Yusheng had been anxiously waiting for her letter. It had been almost two weeks since he had received her last one.

Wu Hao had had a lot of problems with Xu Wennuan since Qin Zhi’ai left Hui Shi, and Gu Yusheng had completely lost contact with Qin Zhi’ai.

Gu Yusheng did Wu Hao the favor of going with him for his own benefit. That was why he pulled Qin Zhi’ai out of the apartment after he had stopped her from closing the door on him. He then tried to move to the side with Qin Zhi’ai to let Wu Hao into the apartment.

Qin Zhi’ai was quicker than Gu Yusheng thought, though. She reached her hand out and grabbed Wu Hao’s arm. “Nuannuan does not want to see you now.”

Gu Yusheng reached his hand out and grabbed Qin Zhi’ai’s wrist. “They need to handle their problems sooner or later. You might be able to stop him now but not every time he tries to see her.”

Qin Zhi’ai gripped Wu Hao’s arm even harder. “But Nuannuan does not want to see him right now…”

Before Qin Zhi’ai could finish talking, Xu Wennuan suddenly pulled open her bedroom door and walked out.

“Nuannuan.” Wu Hao called her name.

Xu Wennuan did not react to him calling out her name. She laid her eyes on Qin Zhi’ai’s face and said, “Xiao’ai, you can let him in.”

“Nuannuan.” Qin Zhi’ai hesitated for a second but did not let go of Wu Hao’s sleeve.

Xu Wennuan understood what Qin Zhi’ai was worried about. She smiled at her to let Qin Zhi’ai know everything would be fine. “Bro Sheng is right. We have to solve our problems.”

Qin Zhi’ai pressed her lips and released Wu Hao’s sleeve.

“Xiao’ai, can you entertain Bro Sheng and Bro Bancheng?” Xu Wennuan said as if nothing was unusual. She finally looked at Wu Hao. She didn’t greet him or even say his name, only blandly saying, “Come in,” before turning around and walking back into her bedroom.

Wu Hao paused at the door before he followed Xu Wennuan into her room. After Xu Wennuan closed her bedroom door, Qin Zhi’ai let Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng in the apartment.

Qin Zhi’ai poured three glasses of water and put one glass in front of Gu Yusheng and one in front of Lu Bancheng and then, holding her glass, sat down on the sofa next to them. No one said anything. The apartment’s soundproofing was not great, and the three of them sat in the living room listening to Xu Wennuan and Wu Hao’s conversation in the bedroom.

After the door closed behind him, Wu Hao thought for some time before initiating the conversation. “Nuannuan, I am sorry.”

The most painful words in the language of love are “I am sorry.”

Without seeing Xu Wennuan’s face, Qin Zhi’ai knew these three words were like a knife stabbing into her heart.

Suddenly a loud slapping sound could be heard coming from Xu Wennuan’s bedroom.



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