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Season 6

Episode 95

(So She Is A (5)

After arriving home, Qin Zhi’ai supported Xu Wennuan as they walked to the bed. As she was about to get her a glass of hot water, Xu Wennuan suddenly held her by her waist, buried her head on her chest, and started to sob.

Qin Zhi’ai did not say a word. She quietly sat down on the bed, held Xu Wennuan, and let her cry as much as she wanted to.

Either because she’d drunk too much or cried so sadly, she fell asleep in Qin Zhi’ai’s arms.

Qin Zhi’ai gently laid her flat on the bed and carefully put a blanket over her. She sat back on the bed again for a long time before she went back to her own bedroom.

The next day, Xu Wennuan locked herself in her room for the entire day without coming out.

Qin Zhi’ai was really worried about her. She went over to knock on her door once in a while and talked to her from outside her bedroom.

Xu Wennuan did not come out of her room until ten o’clock in the evening. Qin Zhi’ai cooked food for her and put it in front of her. Without much of an appetite, so only had half a bowl of porridge before she went back to her room and lock herself in again.

When Qin Zhi’ai went to the bathroom late that night, she could clearly hear Xu Wennuan’s sobbing through the door even though Xu Wennuan tried to be as quiet as possible.

Xu Wennuan had not been eating or drinking for the past few days, and her mood had been very low.

For the past few days, Wu Hao had come to see her many times, but Xu Wennuan didn’t want to see him, so Qin Zhi’ai did not dare open the door for him.

Every time Wu Hao came to see her, he always brought gifts. He probably knew Qin Zhi’ai wouldn’t talk to him, so he only talked to himself outside the door.

Sometimes he talked to Xu Wennuan and other times to Qin Zhi’ai. Most of the time, he asked Qin Zhi’ai to do him the favor of taking care of Xu Wennuan.

On the sixth day, when Qin Zhi’ai got up, she was surprised to see Xu Wennuan sitting in the living room.

Xu Wennuan was wearing delicate makeup and her favorite dress. When she saw Qin Zhi’ai, she smiled and said, “Good morning, Xiao’ai.”

It wasn’t that Qin Zhi’ai wanted Xu Wennuan to continue crying, but she was more worried about her when she saw her smiling.

Xu Wennuan seemed to sense her worries, so she stood up and walked over to her in her beautiful high heels. She put her arm into Qin Zhi’ai’s arm and said with a smile, “Xiao’ai, hurry up and clean up. I’m taking you out for breakfast, and we can walk around A High School.”

Qin Zhi’ai looked at Xu Wennuan and carefully studied her for a second before nodding. “Sure.”

Xu Wennuan didn’t drive the car Wu Hao had bought for her. Instead, she arranged for an Uber.

They ate breakfast at a restaurant near A High School. When they finished their last steamed bun, Xu Wennuan suddenly asked, “Xiao’ai, do you know that Wu Hao used to have this restaurant’s steamed buns sent to my house back when he was after me? They still taste the same, but Wu Hao is not the same Wu Hao anymore.”

Qin Zhi’ai’s hand, holding chopsticks, shook. She did not know what to say to Xu Wennuan.

Xu Wennuan looked down and frowned. She then stood up and called the waitress to pay for their check. After she paid, she said to Qin Zhi’ai, “Let’s walk around the school.”

It was still Chinese New Year break, so school had not started yet, and the campus was empty.

Xu Wennuan stopped at every spot and talked about Wu Hao.



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