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Season 6

Episode 100

(So She Is A (10)

It sounded like a cup had smashed on the ground.

Following that was Xu Wennuan’s voice trembling with rage. “You’re sorry? Wu Hao, do you think that by apologizing to me, it will make things right? Do you think that I want to listen to your apology?”

After she spoke, something violently smashed onto the ground again.

“Let me tell you this, Wu Hao. I don’t want to hear your damn apology. I want to never hear an apology from you for the rest of my life.”

Yet another shattering sound could be heard, intertwined with Wu Hao’s soft pleas. “Nuannuan, please don’t be like this…”

“DON’T BE LIKE THIS?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH HOW I’M BEING?!” Xu Wennuan yelled. “Then why weren’t you thinking about how I’d react while you were screwing Jiang Qianqian? Men are all the same—when things go wrong, they’ll tell women that we shouldn’t behave like this or like that. Well if you already knew how it would be since the start, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

Xu Wennuan’s rage seemed uncontrollable, as now a cascade of shattering sounds could be heard from the room.

“Don’t touch me, Wu Hao! Do you know that merely the sight of you disgusts me now? Whenever I see you, the face of that f*cking bitch Jiang Qianqian pops up in my mind! It makes me nauseated beyond words! Don’t touch me!

“Okay, you want to talk to me? Alright then! We’ll talk! Tell me when you started hooking up with Jiang Qianqian!

“Speak up! Aren’t you here to resolve our problems? If you have no intention of talking, then get lost!”

After a long time, Wu Hao finally responded, “Last August.”

Lu Bancheng, who was about to take a sip of water, abruptly slammed his glass cup on the table, but the sound of things shattering inside Xu Wennuan’s bedroom drowned it out, and neither Gu Yusheng nor Qin Zhi’ai heard it.

“August? So, up until I knew about this, it’s been five months? Wow, Wu Hao, well done keeping it under wraps. During the five months of your secret affair, I, Xu Wennuan, must have seemed like a complete fool in your eyes!”

“Nuannuan, I was drunk…”

“You were drunk? How about later on? So you were constantly drunk every single time for five solid months? Wu Hao, you’ve toyed with me like a fool for five months so can you stop treating me like an idiot now? Drunk? Is that the best excuse you have?”

Although Xu Wennuan was fuming mad, tears eventually flowed down her cheeks as she spoke.

Lu Bancheng’s hands, which were resting on the sofa, balled up, and he tightly clenched his teeth. His heart felt heavy, as if something was weighing down on it, and he found it hard to breath.

“Wu Hao, I’ve been with you for 10 years. A full 10 years. I’ve dated you since I was a sophomore at 16 years old, and now I’m already 26. As a woman, the most valuable and precious years of my life would have been those 10 years, and I’ve given them all to you. You said that you would treat me well, and what happened? So, this is how you treat me well? Do you know that, other than my parents, you were the person I trusted most in this world?”

Xu Wennuan sobbed uncontrollably.

Lu Bancheng felt a lump forming in his throat, and he couldn’t bear to stay there any longer. Picking up his phone, he stood up abruptly. “Let’s go out to smoke?” he asked Gu Yusheng, who calmly and casually remained seated.



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