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 👩🍳His Personal    Chef🍣🍳

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 9 🍣

Hollin's POV🍣

I walked downstairs buttoning my checkered shirt in the last hole and then rushed to the kitchen to have my breakfast...

‘You are pretty in a rush today Mr Hollin'..Mrs Silver muttered..

‘I have a board meeting and I've really got to go..eww these eggs are awful!! I'll have breakfast at work and uhmmm a new chef is coming over'..i said as quickly as I could and straightened my tie..

‘A new chef?? Oh thank goodness'..she exclaimed and i nodded..

‘Yeah her name is Giselle or Gigi or whatever well I don't care,I'll be home late with guests so show her where everything is and dinner should be ready very early'..i replied and grabbed my car keys...

Even though I'm pretty popular and rich in Arizona i just don't Like a chauffeur...

I drove over to the office avoiding every traffic that would keep me from that meeting...

Today is the day i finally crack the deal with COFTY Media industry...

If i eventually get COFTY Media to merge with my company then my yearly profit would triple...

Alejandro Cortez and his daughter Maria Cortez are going to be coming home for dinner and i just hope Giselle doesn't f**k everything up..

Her terrible salty Lobster dish..that i could handle but what about the others??..

This is why i miss Jasmine so much...

If not for the fact that Gabriel loved her first i would have dated her...

I wish i could call her to help out but she's so busy with Carl...

Giselle's POV🍣

I yawned loudly packing the new clothes i got from the second hand store just down the street and closed my box..

‘So for how long are you going to be staying with Prince charming???'..Marcus asked..

‘Until he finally says he doesn't need my services anymore,it's gonna be a great job if you think about it'..I replied..

‘Hmmm so you're gonna have s*x??'..he asked again and i flinched...

‘Wh..what are you talking about are you out of your mind?!!'..

‘He's a handsome hunk and you're damn sexy and you are both are gonna be in the house so what else is gonna happen??'...He replied..

‘You're such a pervert Marcus but anyway I'm not going to work in love??I would never even dream of working with Hollin Alivo cause he's a rude jerk.The only reason I'm doing it is because he threatened to take me back to jail'..I explained and he shrugged..

‘Well that's your point your car is here'..He said and i sighed deeply...



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