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 👩🍳His Personal Chef🍣🍳  

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 7 🍣

Giselle's POV🍣

‘You can't do that?!! I was drunk!!'..i cried out at Mr Hollin and all he did was scoff...

‘You were tipsy yes!! Drunk? No.You almost killed me last night can't you see the bandage?!!'..

‘Sorry!! I'm really sorry Mr Hollin please you can't press charges?? I'm just a normal sweet lady'..I cooed and he scoffed again..

‘I'm sorry did you just call yourself sweet??'..

‘Okay fine Mr Hollin I'll do anything but please don't press charges!!'..i begged and went down on my knees...

He stared at me for a while and then rolled his eyes...

‘Okay get up'..He said and i stood up immediately dusting my clothes...

‘I won't press charges at all'..He said..

‘Thank you sir!! Thank you so—

‘But on one condition!!'..He cut in..

‘What condition??'..i asked and he smiled  coyly..

‘You'll find out soon enough,Tee please let her go I'm dropping all charges'..He replied and in a minute i was out of the cell...

My clothes and breath stunk,my hair was disheveled and my eyes were bulging out...

I wiped my eyes and slapped my hair down trying to gain composure of some sort...

‘Look Mrs whatever your...

‘My name is Giselle sir but you can call me Gigi'...I interrupted and he frowned a bit..

‘I don't care about your name?? Gigi or whatever,I'll not press further charges on one condition'...He muttered and i nodded...

‘So what's the condition??'..

‘You're to be my personal chef'..

‘Your what?!!'..

‘My personal chef,You know I'm a busy man and truth be told i don't even know how to boil an egg'..



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