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 👩🍳His Personal Chef🍣🍳

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 6 🍣

Hollin's POV🍣

My head spun around as shards of glass landed on the floor with me included and everyone came around me panicking...

‘Sir are you okay?! Oh my God that's Hollin Alivo!!'..Were the only words i heard as my eyes finally closed..

The Next Morning⛅
I opened my eyes and found myself on a hospital bed with IV close to my arm and a bandage wrapped around my head...

‘Owwww my head hurts'..I murmured..

‘Oh thank God you're awake!! I thought you'd slipped into a coma or something'..Adam said from beside me and I scoffed..

‘What happened?? Last time I checked I was partying at the club and now I'm at the hospital??'..I asked..

‘Well boss you got hit by two champagne bottles which was thrown by that chef'..He replied...

That f**king chef?!!..

That f**king chef threw a bottle at me?!..

I can't believe this!!!...

‘Where is she now?! Where is the b*tch now?!!'..I screamed ignoring the slight headache i have...

‘She's with the cops Hollin,she's been locked up since last night all drunk and shaken up I think she didn't do that on purpose'..He replied and I scoffed again..

‘You think Adam?!! Mhen what am I even saying to you get me my clothes!!'...

‘What are you?? Where are you going??'..

‘To the Station'..


‘To teach that chef a lesson!!'..

Giselle's POV🍣

‘Look officer i was drunk last night I wasn't in my right senses cause I was drunk!! I have a brother and a dog to take Care of and...

‘Just shut the hell up lady!! You talk too much and who on earth does that to Hollin Alivo?? The brother of tycoon Gabriel Alivo?!! Do you even know what you've done?!'..The officer yelled at me and I gulped hard..

To be honest I can't even forgive myself for what I did yesterday and now I'm going to go to jail all because of my stupidity and my loud mouth...

‘Look sir I know I...' voice trailed off as Mr Hollin walked inside wearing his clothes from the previous night only that there was a bandage on his head..

‘Good morning Teensy'..He said casually to the officer...

‘Ohhh good morning Hollin,you pressing charges??'..The officer asked in reply..

‘Yeah I'm charging her with physical assault and I'm also suing her with a fine of 1 million dollars'..




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