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 👩🍳His Personal   Chef🍣🍳  

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 5🍣

Giselle's POV🍣

‘Hey Bibi'..I said to the dog walker that lives close to my block..

‘Oh hey Gigi lost your job??'..He replied..

‘How did you...

‘You have that look on your face no offence'..He cut in and I sighed deeply..

‘Yeah Bibi i lost my job and what I need right now is a drink'..I said..

‘Yeah well Marcus came over and I let him in'..He muttered and I smiled..

Marcus my step brother who happens to be in college despite him being older than me is what I need right now...

He's super fun to be with and not a dull person when I need him to be..

‘Ohh hey Gigi!!'..He said as he rose up from the chair..

‘Hi Marcus what are your bags doing here??'..I replied as my eyes spotted three boxes near my 20 inch flat screen...

‘Well uhmm I've been assigned to LEXICORP to work as an intern for 6 months and since it's near I decided to come stay here'...He replied..

‘You can't stay here Marcus!! I..I..I just lost my job and there's nothing to sustain the both of us!! And besides my rent is almost due and i don't know what to do!!'..I cried and he chuckled lightly...

‘You worry too much baby sis,my internship comes with money that can sustain the both of us till you get a new job and besides I've got a lot of coupons to sustain us in various fast food'..He teased and I bursted out laughing..

‘Yeah that's the Gigi I know so I'm going to the club wanna come??'..

‘I just lost my job Marcus!!!'..

‘Yeah so let's party and drink to  new beginning!!!'...

At Night🌉
🎶I want a boyfriend
     So put it on me 
I'm looking for a guy who can take that shit..

🎶I want a boyfriend.
      But not too sweet.
My baby gotta be tough when he's riding that street..

🎶Is he ride or die??..
I've been looking so long for a guy.
  To turn me on..
I want a boyfriend..
A boyfriend..

‘Wooo!!!'...I yelled at the top of my voice as I downed another shot of Martini...

‘Babe you sure you should be doing that??'...Kerri,my black american friend asked and I laughed hysterically...

‘Of course i should be drinking woo!! I'm jobless and I'm single so what's there to be worried about!!'..I yelled and then heard murmurs from behind me...

‘Damn seems like Hollin Alivo's in the house,damn I love that guy'..Marcus said from behind me and I scoffed..

‘Bastard!! He made me loose my job today!!'..

‘Oh really?? Sorry sis'..Marcus replied and I downed another shot and cleaned my mouth...

‘Gigi what are you doing??'..He asked..

‘I'm go na set some thing's with that guy'...I murmured..

‘Hey Mr Alivo!!!'..I yelled and when he turned around a threw a bottle right at his face...



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