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 👩🍳His Personal   Chef🍣🍳

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 4 🍣   

Giselle's POV🍣

Minutes later
‘What did he say in there??'..Mark asked as i walked out of the office..

‘Well...I'm fired!!!'..i replied loudly and he gasped..

‘So you lost your job??'..

‘No!! I was given a free ticket to Las Vegas Super bowl of course i lost my job!! My only job!! I haven't even paid my rent yet and still I don't have a job!!!'..i cried out..

’I warned you Giselle,Mr Hollin is pretty much an influential man even at 27 and screaming at him was a grave mistake'..He said and I scoffed loudly...

‘Ohhh please I'm 24 and the only positive thing in my life is keeping my dog from eating my snacks'...

‘But still what are you even talking about?? I just lost my job because of that Jackass!!'..I added and before he could call me i stomped out of the office...

I'm single and searching..

My rent is due..

And I'm jobless..


Just great...

Hollin's POV🍣

‘That was pretty harsh of you boss,you made them fire her??'..Adam asked as I went back to sitting on my chair...

‘Whenever something disgusts me I get rid of me so it's simple —She disgusts me with the dish and I got rid of her now everybody happy??'..I replied and he shook his head lightly...

‘You're really one bastard Hollin Alivo and by the way why aren't you married??'...

‘Dude I'm 27 not 51 so i still have a long way to go and besides we should be discussing work and not my personal life'..I retorted..

‘Really?? Okay then I'm still pitching on CHEF WARS'..He replied..

‘Fine then Adam we'll hold a crew meeting pitching the idea to the rest of the team and if it's a great idea then I'll sponsor it'..i said and he hugged me really tight...

‘You're the best Hollin and to celebrate I'm inviting you over to dinner at my house.Molly's cooking octopus'..

‘Nah your wife cooking is terrible no offence and besides I'm going to the club'..

‘Ooh can I come??'...

‘No you can not Adam you're a married man and married men stay at home getting bored to death with their wives and kids and maybe kick things up a notch with boring s*x while bachelors like me have fun with whom ever they like'..I said and he chuckled slightly..

‘You are one son of a b*tch Hollin Alivo'..  



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