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 👩🍳His Personal Chef🍣🍳

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 3 🍣

Hollin's POV🍣

‘I..I..I'm really sorry sir if you didn't like your meal but i can make another..another one if you'd like??'..The female chef stuttered and i scoffed..

‘Where is the top notch arrogance?? You came back here insulting me when I clearly told you that I don't like the dish you prepared I mean taste it!!! It's pretty salty!!'..i yelled..

‘But it wasn't that salty Hollin'..Adam muttered under his breath..

‘Shut up'..i whispered..

‘Look Mr Hollin sir I know you're pretty angry Maybe cause your girlfriend broke up with you or something but I won't have you come here and talk to me in that manner'...She cautioned and i scoffed loudly..

So freaking unbelievable!!..

Does this b*tch even know who I am??..

‘Fine then chef whatever your name is.Hey you!!'..i said referring to the young waiter standing next to her...

‘Take me to your manager!!'..i ordered and he gulped hard...

‘Sir..sir that is totally not necessary'..He stuttered and I flicked my wrists..

‘I said take me to your manager!!'...

Ten minutes later🍣
‘Well Mr Levine it has come to my notice that your restaurant doesn't deserve the hype my company advertises'..i said to the manager of the restaurant...

‘Ohhh Mr Hollin you don't don't really have to do that,i have a really great staff'..He stuttered in a fit of pleading...

‘No you don't have a good staff Mr Levine and in fact your head chef insulted me so I have no other choice but to cut your publicity from my costs'..I replied standing up..

‘S..sorry sir what can i do??'..He asked and i smiled..

Giselle's POV🍣

I tape my feet nervously on the ground with my fingers locking my hair as i waited patiently..

‘Giselle can I see you in my office??'..Mr Levine called out and i gulped really hard..

‘Goodluck'..Mark whispered and I nodded..

‘Mr Levine look I'm really—

‘You're fired Giselle'..He cut in before I could even sit down..

‘I'm what?! Mr Levine you can't do this to me?!'..I yelled..

‘Yes I can Giselle you're fired!!'..



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