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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 29🍳

Two Days Later

Giselle's POV🍣

‘Back to square one again'..i muttered angrily as I chopped the full sized chicken into little bits..

The crew began assembling their things for the night shooting and so i began packing their dinners into little plates...

When I was young my mom luckily taught me how make and pack foods in large quantity since she ran a To-go food truck...

‘Gigi can i get salad on the side of my plate?? Gigi please I want beef not chicken,Gigi please i don't eat a lot of carbs'..Many of them ordered and I wiped a trickle of sweat off my brown as I heeded to their demands...

Hollin came into the kitchen shirtless and all wet and i saw him with a towel..

‘Where are you going??'..i asked and he grunted..

For two days we've been acting like total strangers to each other and it reeks the hell out of me..

And i don't know Why!!!..

I'm a person that hates silent treatment and even though i claim to hate Hollin Alivo i can't deny the fact that i kind of miss him..

Most especially his stupid sexist remarks and sarcasm..

‘I'm off to go for a swim'..he murmured grabbing a bottle of water..

‘Swim?? Is there a pool around??'..i inquired further...

‘No,there's a beach not too very far from here and I'm going for a swim there while Adam and the TV crew go for their night shift'..He retorted..

‘Can i come with you??'..i asked..

‘No you can't and why would you want to come with Me??'..he retorted again...

‘Well cause I want to come with you,I don't want to be lonely all by my self in this big house.. please can I come??'...I murmured and he scoffed loudly..

‘stay back here Giselle, you're going to keep an eye on everything okay??'..he murmured and left without sparing me a glance...

Hollin's POV🍣

I clearly resisted the urge to go back inside the house and tell Giselle to come with me but what can I do??...

i can't even barely concentrate with her around talk less of seeing her in a bikini...

‘Hey handsome'..Someone mattered from behind me and i turned around to see a very hour glass figured lady with clearly fake boobs..

‘Hey'..I replied turning the other way..

‘You're Hollin Alivo aren't you??'...She asked..

‘How on earth did you??...

‘I'm from New York and I've watched your show ‘The Bordon Bunch' you're really famous in my part of town'..She cut in and i nodded..

Other type of men would fall for this kind of a lady but most certainly not me...

I'm all beauty and brains kind of guy..

‘So what do you do for a living??'...i asked..

‘Oh I'm a Snapchat model and you??'..she replied and I frowned..

Did she just say Snapchat Model??..

And did she just ask me that dumb question??..

‘Wow well I'm an player in City Hunters'..i replied clearly showing my sarcasm but she was to dumb to know it..

‘Wow!!! So you're a footballer?!! You're really talented!!'..She squealed and i rolled my eyes..

I think i need to get back home..

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