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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 28🍳

Hollin's POV cont'd🍣

‘Hmmm how am i sure you didn't even add poison to it??'..I asked with a frown on my face..

‘I can do a lot of things but killing someone is out of the question'..She replied and slowly my grim face broke into a smile..

‘You're right,Cranberry pie is my favorite but I'd like a bottle of whiskey to go with it'..I said as I ushered her into the room...

‘Really?? Whiskey?? Who drinks whiskey along with pie??'..She questioned..

‘Me so please go grab two glasses'..I replied..

‘Two glasses?? And you're being nice?? Now don't tell me something isn't wrong with you'...She said..

Yeah what's wrong with me??..

She just apologized and it's as if my heart just unlocked something really special...

‘Yeah I don't even know why I'm nice to you anyway but go get the glasses'..I replied and she shrugged as she swayed her hips lusciously leaving..

I can't change the fact that i am undeniably attracted to her..

Long model legs..

Big blue eyes...

Full breasts and beautiful silky hair..

Even I always insult her about being so ugly she's one of the most attractive woman I've ever met..

Jeez why am I just noticing this now?!! .

Giselle's POV🍣

‘Did it work??'..Adam asked as i walked down the stairs with a smile spread across my face..

‘Yes of course it worked!! I never knew he loved that pie so much and i was so nice that he couldn't resist that I join him for a nightcap'...I replied excitedly and he smiled..

‘I knew he was gonna—

‘So you weren't honest about apologizing?? You didn't feel sorry at all and you had to resort to my favorite food to make me like you??'..I heard from behind me and gulped hard..

Oh Oh..



‘Jeez you're really a terrible person Giselle and here I thought you had good intentions!!'..He said aloud and walked past me angrily..

What did I even do wrong??..

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