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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 27🍳

Giselle's POV🍣

i got home only to meet everyone already getting settled and getting comfy in the living room...

‘Gigi what's...

‘Sorry but I've got to cook'..I cut in Adam's sentence and went straight to the kitchen...

Hollin walked past me without sparing a glance and when Adam asked him what was wrong he dismissed the topic...

‘I don't want to talk about it,tell the chef to bring my dinner to my room'..He said and walked away...

‘Are you guys just gonna act like nothing even happened?? What the f**k happened that made you coming in here like you just got hit by a truck and why does my boss acts like he's the rider?!!'..Adam asked facing me and i still kept silent slicing the chicken breasts..

‘Gigi I'm talking to you!!'..He yelled and i slammed my knife on the table..

‘You want to know what happened?!! Well your boss or should I say your friend is the rudest person alive and i just wish i could strangle him!! I mean he disqualified my long time i mean my long time classmate because he was a little bit rude to him!!'..i screamed and instead he just chuckled..

‘Now before you start pointing fingers have you thought about what you've done?? Your friend had no right whatsoever to be rude to Hollin and just because you like this your friend'..He said air quoting at the word ‘Friend'..

Yeah maybe he's right...

I think i overreacted a little bit and I'm beginning to regret it..

Hollin wasn't the rude one??..

I was..

‘But..but why is he so cold??'..i asked..

‘Cold?Who?? Hollin?? Well maybe to you sweetheart!! Hollin is the most fun and optimistic person I know'..He said..

‘Hollin?? Like the grumpy Hollin I know is optimistic?? Adam I've been staying with him for almost three weeks now and he groans and grumble every time he wakes up,he's super rude and doesn't even listen—

‘That's because he doesn't want you to know how he is,I can act like a person with issues if I really want to so why don't you go make a peace offering with him and he wouldn't make your life a miserable one'..

Hollin's POV🍣

I grumbled lightly as I squeezed another paper into a ball and threw it across the room...

‘Who is it go away?!!'..I yelled as soon as i heard a knock on my door and instead of leading the person knocked again..

‘Who the hell are —You?? What are you doing here??'..I yelled as my eyes set on Giselle..

‘I'm here to say I'm sorry and to offer a peace offering after what I did earlier,Pie—🥧,Adam says it's your favorite'..she said and I frowned deeply..

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