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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 26 🍳

Hollin's POV🍣

‘'re the Hollin Alivo!!! Like the Hollin Alivo??'..The rude Tobias guy asked with a bemused expression on his face and I smiled wickedly...

I love it so much when I make people regret their own words...

‘Yes I am the one and only Hollin Alivo and you are going to be competing in my reality TV show—Sorry you were going to be'..i said and he faced me pushing Giselle behind him..

‘You can't take me off the show?!! You guys were the ones who wanted me on the show and now you're taking me off?!! Seems like you don't know anything about business dude!!'..He yelled softly and i scoffed..

‘Just so you know i am not in the least interested about the show and if i make profit or not cause it doesn't matter to me so please just pack your bags and leave Miami cause one phone call from me is gonna ruin your career'..I threatened with my eyes blazing red in anger..

‘Mr..Mr Hollin you can't do that?? Toby is one of the best cooks i know!'..Giselle stepped in protesting and i shot her a haughty glare which shut her up immediately...

‘Hmmmph I have never been so insulted in all my life,Gigi here's my card when you're ready to leave this dude come to me and I'd help you find a reputable job'..he said and strode away...

In all my life I've never met someone who acts so pompous...

Most especially a merely chef..

‘You weren't nice to him too you know'..Giselle muttered as I paid for the groceries and I panted heavily with a frown on my face as we walked towards my car in the parking lot...

‘Just because I talk to you doesn't give you the right to tell me how to behave'..I said..

‘I just work for you Mr Holl—Who am I even kidding?? i wouldn't be in Miami or be near you at all if you didn't walk into my restaurant and complain about the lobsters!!! I wouldn't have gotten drunk if i still had my job!!!'..She cried out and i frowned deeply...

There's always a limit to disrespect..

Giselle's POV🍣

‘I won't let you talk to me in that manner Giselle!! Next time you warn your boyfriend to be mindful of his words!!'..Hollin yelled back at me...

‘Really?? Fine i know Toby was rude but he's totally nice when it comes to you!! You literally complain about everything I do and there's nothing I'll do to please you!! Do you really think i want to be here in Miami with you?? I should be enjoying my butt off but no I'm here with a glum grown man who hates everyone including himself!!!'..I fired back and he nipped at his lower lip...

‘Get out of my car Giselle'..He said..


‘I said get out of the car!!'..

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