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 👩🍳His Personal  Chef🍣🍳 

🍳(Clumsy Giselle)🍳
🍣Episode 8🍣

Hollin's POV🍣

‘Fine then I'll be your personal chef but you have to pay me'..Giselle or whatever her name is replied and crossed my arms...

‘Do you want to go back to the cell??'..i asked..

‘No!! No please that place is terrible i don't want to go back there!!'..She begged pouting her pretty lips..

‘Fine then you'd be my personal chef and i would pay you for your services,you'd be moving into my mansion cause I don't want any problems,you'd get a change of wardrobe cause I'll be having some important guests almost everyday for dinner'..I said so quickly that when I was done I let out a sharp gaff...

‘Wait up!! I would move in with you?? Mr Hollin I don't even like you and you don't like me so how can we live under one roof??'..She asked..

‘I don't live in a scraggly apartment miss,I live in a mansion and I can stay a year without having to see your face'..I replied and her green eyes flickered a bit...

‘Fine then i need your —

‘No I need your address and my driver would come pick you up,make sure your bags are ready at five.I have a meeting with some clients and they'll be coming over by 6,everything you need in my kitchen is there and Mrs Silver the housekeeper is there to show you your room and whatever'..I said and in a minute my car arrived..

I walked inside it and shut the door ignoring Adam's quizzical look and zoomed off...

Giselle's POV🍣

I yawned loudly as I walked into my room with a bottle of water in my hands...

Marcus was fast asleep when I walked into the room and i frowned pouring the water on his head..

‘What the??...Giselle?!!'..He yelled as he flinched...

‘THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR JILTING ME WHEN I WAS ARRESTED!!!!'...I yelled and he smiled...

‘You know I'm not on good terms with the cops sis but anyways how did you escape??'..He asked .

‘I didn't escape and I fact I've landed a job'..i replied..

‘A job?!! Oh my God I'm so happy for you sis!! Which restaurant??'..He said cheerfully...

‘Not a restaurant,You're looking at Hollin Alivo's personal chef'..



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