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 Season 2

Episode 38

(I will pay for it)

Isla showed a disapproving look. But seeing that his face was full of fantasy, she was reluctant to embarrass him. So she continued to listen to him. But the more he spoke, the more it felt weird.     

"You can take care of the children at home. My parents like to do morning exercises. You can get up at six and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, you need to do the laundry first, because after that you have to go out to buy some food for lunch and dinner. Oh! And yes, my mother likes dessert. You need to make time for that. And make sure that dinner is ready by the time I get home from work."    

She tried to recall what her aunt had told her. She was sure she was here on a blind date, not to apply for a job as a nanny.     

But he seemed engrossed in his fantasy and couldn't stop talking about it. Isla assumed that he must be rich. It was said that most men who were good at earning money had some male chauvinist tendencies.   

"Excuse me, How much is your monthly salary, Mr. Zhu? Oh, sorry, Mr. Huang?" 

   "Five thousand. It's a handsome figure, isn't it? If you are not satisfied with my salary, that clarifies only one thing, that you women are all vain creatures. And I won't be attracted to such women. But I like your hot figure and because of that, I will reluctantly give you a try."   

 Gordon was such an arrogant guy, he dared to judge Isla to her face.   

  Isla pinched her leg hard under the table. She felt pain, which meant that she was not dreaming. Then she must have gotten on a fake blind date, she mocked herself.     

She had prepared three excuses to leave in case the blind date turned awkward. But she now threw away all that she had prepared beforehand.   

The first excuse was to say that she did not feel well. But she feared that Gordon would take advantage of that by offering to take care of her.     

The second excuse was that something urgent happened at home. But again, Gordon might just offer to go with her.  

  The third situation was that she would show her hands and they would fall out. But Gordon was a strong man, and she was only a weak woman.     

So she had no choice but to wait until he ate and drank to his heart's content. Maybe then he would be happy and let her go easily.     

But after Gordon finished the meal, he started dropping sexual hints, implying that there was a good hotel nearby and the breakfast there was very delicious.  

   However delicious the food was going to be, it would be impossible for her to have another meal with him.   

"Thank you, Mr. Zhu, no, Mr. Huang. Thanks for your treat. I will let my Aunt know how our date went."    

She was sure that she would never meet him again.     

When Gordon saw the bill, he frowned. He reluctantly paid and grumbled that women always spent a lot.     

But actually he ate the most during the meal. Such a sexist pig, wasn't he?     

As soon as they walked out of the restaurant, Gordon grabbed Isla and put his arms around her, preventing her from leaving. The people around wanted to help Isla, but they were intimidated by Gordon's strong figure.     

"I really, really like you. If you satisfy me tonight, I will consider marrying you tomorrow. I know you like it too. Your aunt has told me everything about you.

 You should feel lucky that I choose you."    

What did her aunt tell him? Hearing this, Isla felt as if she was soaked in cold water and was left out in the freezing north wind.   

But even though she was not that perfect, she would not let Gordon take advantage of her. She knew that it would be of no use to shout for help in public. She had to create a scene. How did one do that? She racked her brain, trying to remember every possible ways to fight against sex offender.     

Yes, she had an idea. The most effective way was to smash the most expensive thing one could find.     

She looked around the parking lot. The most expensive thing there was a Maserati and it was right in front of her. 

She calculated the maintenance cost in her mind, and weighed her innocence against the cost. She decisively smashed a hole in the car with her high heels.    

 "Arrgh!" The security guard shouted at her angrily and rushed over. He then called someone on the phone to inform about the accident.   

A man in a suit rushed out from the restaurant. He glowered at the damage, then he turned to Isla and Gordon. He spat out, "Who is responsible for this?" 

   Gordon knew that it would cost tens of thousands to fix a Maserati and there was no way he could afford it. He pointed to Isla and said, "She did it. We don't know each other. It is just an unlucky day for me to meet her."    

Isla immediately agreed, "Yes, I smashed it. I will pay for it. I can go with you to make the settlement."    

It was the first time for the man in suit to see someone brave enough to smash someone else's car and willing to compensate for the damage.     

"Miss, please take your shoes, I will take you to my boss. You can negotiate with him."    

He expressed that the car was owned by his boss. Isla suddenly felt as if she had fallen into the tiger's lair after getting herself out of the wolf's lair.   

She picked up her shoes, and found one of the heels broken. She put them on and hobbled along.     

When she turned around, Gordon had already disappeared. Oh, this was the "good man" recommended by her aunt. She sighed.     

Walking back into the restaurant, Isla had mixed feelings. The man in the suit brought her to a box. By the manner with which he knocked on the door, Isla assumed that the boss inside would be hard to deal with.     

He knocked three times, and then paused to listen, then knocked again, as if he was sending a secret signal.     

Then a cold voice came through from inside, "Come in."    

Isla was already feeling shivery which intensified when she heard the unwelcoming voice. She took a peek, wondering who had made the air freeze with such a voice.   

The man in suit opened the door and told her to wait outside. Through the crack in the door she could only see the back of a tall man.     

There was also another man with an annoying voice, talking excitedly without any sense.     

In contrast, the man whose back was towards her seemed very aloof. The two people inside were on opposite ends. One was acting like he was celebrating the New Year while the other seemed to be attending a funeral.     

He gave off an atmosphere that someone had been dead thus everything around him seemed ghastly cold. When she tried to look closely, the door had fully closed.     

The man in suit walked quietly towards his boss and whispered something.     The boss frowned and raised his eyelids. He was irritated by the interruption.    

 The man in suit nodded immediately. He knew how he should handle it. He carefully retreated and walked out.  

He knew how he should handle it. He carefully retreated and walked out.    

 "Miss, our boss will let it pass. You can leave now."   

 'Let it pass?' Isla finally thought she got lucky today. If her shoes had wheels, she would have left right away. But what if the boss regretted it later?     

She had saved herself, but she felt that she had taken advantage of others. She took out a pen and a piece of paper.    

 "My name is Isla Zhao. I'm not a person who likes to take advantage of others. I will pay for what I have done by going through the usual procedure. This is my telephone number. If you have any problems, you can call me any time."   

 After writing the note and handing it to the man in suit, she felt better. She straightened up her clothes and rushed out the restaurant. She was determined to never ever return for the rest of her life.     

The man in suit didn't care about Isla's note. He randomly put it inside a file. His boss had decided to let it pass and would never regret it. He never did anything he would regret.   

At the thought of his boss's expression, he felt a shiver down his spine. Could it be true that his boss really don't know how to smile at all?     

He gathered himself and went back to his boss. He waited for him to show his final blow.     

He checked the time. Twenty five minutes had passed since they came inside. According to his boss's character, they have reached maximum tolerance.

He felt sorry for Johnson Shen, the one who had been blabbering all this time.  

   "Mr. Gu, what do you think? Say something. I have been the one talking too much. I came here for the sake of your family. We have cooperated with each other for many years but you now blame me. Don't think too highly of yourself."  

Johnson gulped some water. Seeing that Mr. Gu was nonchalant, he felt anxious and annoyed. He knew Mr. Gu was born out of wedlock, without this connection to Gu family, who did he think he was? 

The box went silent for three seconds. 

Aron Gu who turned his back against them turned around and sat down on the seat opposite Johnson. He crossed his long legs, his fingers tapping on the sofa. Then he fixed his gaze on Johnson. 



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