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 Season 2 

Episode 37

(The awkward blind date)

David was quite proficient. He quickly managed to find important information about buying out Cloud Advertising Company. He put the file on Charles' desk and said, "Mr. Lu, the person who I assigned to contact Ryan told me that Ryan was asking for a high price and he wanted to continue to work in Cloud Advertising Company. Will we still purchase it?"   

 "Of course we will." Charles was going to make Ryan pay for what he had done.     Since Ryan had liked bossing Autumn around in the past, Charles wanted to make hime know how it felt to work for Autumn.     

Charles wouldn't tell Autumn how to treat him. That would be her prerogative.   

"This matter needs to be settled as soon as possible." Charles couldn't wait to give Autumn a big surprise.     

Under Charles' authority, David sped up the acquisition. As long as the price was good, Ryan would certainly be willing to sell the company.     

Most importantly, since Autumn left Cloud Advertising Company, the business of the company had been going downhill and they hadn't landed a single big case in a while.     

Of course, that was mostly because of Charles.     

Charles was processing some files when Leila came by. "Mr. Lu, your signature is needed on this file," she said.    

 Leila was very professional and methodical at work.    

 When Charles signed his name, Leila didn't leave immediately. She asked, "Mr. Lu, there's a banquet tonight. Are you going alone or..."  

"I'm not going." He was worried that Yvonne might bully Autumn in his absence.     

Therefore, Charles decided to go straight home after work these days.     

Leila didn't say another word. She was still embarrassed at what had happened yesterday. Only with hard work could she win back Charles' approval. That was the only thing that was on her mind.     

She wasn't in a rush. As his secretary, she'd have plenty of opportunities ahead, to get to him.     

It didn't matter what Mrs. Lu was like. The most important thing was whom he liked.     

Autumn was still anxious to find a job. At the same time, Isla, who resigned from her position, was bothered by another problem.   

After Isla quit her job, she visited her hometown. Knowing that she had lost her job, her family started to urge her to find a boyfriend. They kept saying that marriage was the most important thing in a girl's life; marriage was like a second life for girls, etc. They tried everything, but Isla wasn't convinced.     

Isla was so annoyed by them that she only stayed there for two days and then went back to Y City. However, her mom didn't stop urging her just because she went back and had already fixed her a blind date in Y City.     

"Isla, your aunt wants you to meet this man. No matter what you think, at the very least, you should go meet him. Or else, I will be very angry. You hear me?" 

Her mom shouted on the phone. She was purely a country yokel. It was early in the morning. Isla was still sleeping. But her mom's loud voice woke her up and nearly scared her off the bed.  

 "Mom, I told you I didn't want to think about this right now. Can you just let it go?" Isla scratched her head resignedly.     
Her mom responded angrily, "No, I can't. You're my daughter. Who else would take care of you if I don't? All the girls your age in our village have gotten married. 

How am I supposed to show my face like this? Your aunt is the only relative we have in Y City. Although you have never contacted her, she still cares about you. After I told her about you, she got very concerned. The meeting will be in a hotel tonight. Your aunt has already texted you the address. Dress up nicely. Understand?"    

"My aunt?" Isla sneered. Her aunt was married to someone wealthy, like a modern Cinderella story. After her marriage, she had stopped caring about her poor relatives, as if she was ashamed of them all along. That year, if it hadn't been for her, Isla wouldn't have ended up...     

Isla forced a smile and said, "Mom, if you want me to get married, I can find someone on my own, any minute. But I don't want to get married yet, so please tell my dear aunt that I don't need her to fix me up with someone."  

"Why are you being so stubborn? Your aunt said this man was perfect for you. Even if you don't like blind dates, at least meet him. I promise, if you don't like him, I won't push you anymore. Okay?"    

"..." Isla sighed, but since her mom had promised, she agreed to go. "Fine," she said.     

"Okay then. I'll wait for the good news." Her mom hung up the phone happily. 

   Isla checked her phone and found a new message from her aunt.    

 Her aunt said that, she had saved the best man for her niece, since they were family. Isla had already promised her mom that she would meet the guy, so she went to the hotel. But when she got there, she found that her date hadn't shown up yet. The so-called excellent man was half an hour late.   

On her way to the hotel, Isla had been wondering what the man was like. But when she saw him, she was utterly shocked. The man was so... not 'perfect'.     

He was about 40 years old. When he smiled, the flesh on his face shook from left to right. When he sat down, Isla was worried that the chair wouldn't be able to take his weight.     The funny thing was that he reminded her of the humanoid pigman in the TV version of Journey to the West.     

Before they started their self-introductions, the man got a phone call and answered it right in front of Isla.  

   "I'm telling you, she's beautiful. I shouldn't have gone to see the other girl with you. It was a total waste of time."  

Isla was disappointed to hear that. She didn't even want to introduce herself to him anymore.   

"Mr. Zhu, I- I gotta go."    

The man ignored her. Bam! He slapped the table and yelled, "Waitress! Where is the goddamn waitress?"    

The waitress got scared and brought him a menu at once.     

The man then realized something and said, "My surname is not Zhu. I'm Gordon Huang."    

Isla gave a wry smile. She just blurted out whatever came to her mind.     

The food Gordon ordered was oily and fatty, just like him. Isla gulped down three glasses of lemonade, and she was full.     

She was thinking of an excuse to take off when the man glanced at her casually and said,"    

Your aunt told me about you. You don't have a job right now. Women don't make much money anyway, and they are supposed to rely on men. If we get married, I'll be the one to provide for you, while you can stay at home and take care of the house and my parents."



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