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Season 2
Episode 33

(In the maid room)

In the past, Wendy had always taken Yvonne's side, and Autumn was the one that got bullied. But, now that she was in her own house and Wendy wasn't around to take Yvonne's side, Autumn was curious to see what Yvonne would do next.     

"That's bullshit! I said nothing like that." Yvonne felt afraid and intimidated as she looked at the servants watching her. She turned around to walk towards the front yard and said, "Don't be so cocky. Just you wait! I'll go ask Charles; who gave you the right to do this to me? I wonder what Charles and Gary will think when they find out that you arranged such a room for me."    

"You wouldn't want to do that," Autumn said frigidly.     

"Well, it sounds like somebody is scared." replied Yvonne She sneered as if she was finally holding something over Autumn. She had specifically told Autumn that she wanted a room next to Charles's, but instead, she got a maid room, which was far away from Charles's. How was she supposed to seduce him?   

"Scared?" Autumn couldn't help but scoff. It was for Yvonne's good not to ask for a snub.     

"If not scared, then what? Autumn, you'd better not forget that you're nothing but a bitch who stole my identity. You're making me stay in such a crappy room in my own house, I'll make sure you pay for this insolence!" Yvonne threatened.  

 "Your house?" Autumn sneered. "It's my house now, so you will have to play by my rules. You either stay here and be quiet or you can crawl back to your own place. You'd better remember that," Autumn retorted fearlessly.     

"Just you wait and see. I'm telling Charles about this." Yvonne sensed a change in Autumn, as if she had turned into a totally different person. She didn't realize that it was Wendy and her that turned Autumn into the person she had become now.   

Yvonne intended to look for Charles, but before she went any further, Charles walked in. She rushed to him and said, "Charles, look! My sister is making me stay in a servant's room. It is apparent that she doesn't want me to stay in this house. You must help me. She is becoming intolerable."    

"Intolerable? How?" Charles pretended to be ignorant of the situation. "What's wrong with living here?" he asked Yvonne.    

 "Um-" Yvonne frowned, struggling to find the words to express herself. She couldn't tell him that she wanted to sleep next to his room.    

 "If there is no problem, please go to bed. Your sister and I are going to bed as well." Charles walked past Yvonne, and then he turned back and said to her, "Oh, it was my idea to let you sleep here, even though your sister thought it was too small for you. She even tried to change my mind about it. But at least it is clean, right? The rooms in the main building haven't been cleaned yet, but I have special people clean the rooms here every day. You will only be here for a couple of days anyway. Thank you for understanding,"  

Charles said indifferently, as if he was actually telling her that she could leave anytime, if she didn't like it there. Hearing Charles's words, Yvonne realized that she had to accept it and take it for what it was.     

Just as Charles and Autumn were leaving, Yvonne called Autumn in a rush, stepped up, and held her by the arm. 

Now that she couldn't sleep in the same building as Charles, she wouldn't let Autumn sleep with him either. "Charles, I have a request, but- I'm too embarrassed to say it."  

Charles said seriously, "Don't say it then."    
Looking at Charles, Autumn burst into laughter. "Honey, how could you say that? Stop teasing her," she said.     

She turned to Yvonne and held her hand. She believed that Yvonne felt as uncomfortable as she did. "My dear sister, you can say whatever you want. This is my home, which means it is yours as well. If you need anything, let me know."    

Yvonne was filled with resentment, but she had to continue to pretend. She looked at Autumn and said in an innocent tone, "Sis, it's been a long time since we last slept in the same bed as we did when we were little. So- can you sleep with me here tonight? I'm scared to be alone."    

"Did we ever sleep together when we were little? How come I don't remember?" Autumn mercilessly exposed Yvonne's lie.   

"Of course we did." Yvonne wouldn't spare any effort to separate Autumn and Charles. She smiled and turned to Charles, "Charles, you will agree, right? I haven't seen my sister in a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do..."   

 "No, she can't." Charles rejected her request directly. "I'm sorry, I'm used to her being at my side. I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep if she isn't with me."    

Yvonne didn't know how to respond to that. Charles took Autumn's hand and said, "Let's go, Miss Ye needs her rest."    When they walked out of the back yard, Autumn couldn't repress her laughter anymore and started laughing hysterically.     

"Brother, what's up with Ye?" Chris wondered.     

"She's fine." Charles looked at Autumn affectionately. It was the first time he had seen her laugh so heartily. It seemed Yvonne's existence wasn't completely meaningless after all.   

."    "I… What the hell did I do wrong?" Yvonne completely changed her attitude towards Leila, which confused her a lot. 

    She had no idea what Linda had said to make Yvonne so hostile towards her. She intended to ask Yvonne to dinner so that she could learn more about Mrs. Lu. Unfortunately, her plan failed.    

 Leila was in a bad mood after Yvonne had left. When she got home, and saw the suit jacket hanging on a stand in the living room, she had an idea.     

She was looking for a chance to meet Mrs. Lu, but she couldn't find the opportunity. Since Charles's suit jacket was here, returning it would be a good excuse to visit Mrs. Lu.     

Leila packed the clean, ironed suit jacket and drove to the Lu family house. When she stood in front of the Dream Garden, she thought to herself, 'One day I will be the hostess here, sooner or later she would make Autumn live in the maid room too. 

She would avenge herself for the humiliation Autumn had put her through today. 

She lay in bed and didn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. When the alarm clock set off, she got up, grabbed a coat, and went to the front yard. 

Charles had just come downstairs. 
She straightened her silk nightgown and greeted him with a smile, "Charles, wait a minute for me, please. You're going to work anyway. Can you give me a lift? It's not so convenient to find a cab here."



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