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Season 2

Episode 32

(Fawn on And show off her cleverness)

Yvonne followed Charles into the door, sitting beside him. Autumn arrived not long after, seeing Yvonne talking to the three of them, though she was not welcomed.     

"Wow, Chris! Your skin looks so good! How do you take good care of it?"    ..

Chris did not respond, remaining silent. 

    "Charles, I'm so jealous of you! You live such a happy life with my cousin. I wish I could be so lucky to find a good husband like you," Yvonne continued.     

Noticing that no one is paying her any attention, she turned towards Gary.    

 "Grandpa…" she said, stopping mid-sentence to correct herself.   

"Gary, I've heard that you like playing chess quite often. Would you like to play chess with me right now?"    

Gary, being the kind man that he was, didn't have the heart to decline her suggestion directly. "Sure, if you'd like to."    

His response immensely lifted her spirit. "Sis, can you please carry my luggage to my bedroom? I'm going to play chess with Gary right now," she said, turning to Autumn.     

Autumn didn't know what to say in response.     

She felt like Yvonne is treating her like a servant.     

Upon hearing this, Charles stood up and offered to carry the luggage of Yvonne. 

    Autumn followed him as they entered a vacant room located on the first floor.   

It turned out to be a room intended for a servant. Despite being small, the room proved to be clean. Autumn smiled, realizing why he allowed Yvonne to live in their house.     

"Charles, I'm sorry," she apologized unexpectedly.     

Anyway, Yvonne was her half-sister, she thought that she was somehow responsible for the current situation.    

 "What are you apologizing for?" he asked, his face full of concern.    

 Autumn has acquired a habit of taking responsibility for other people. But he couldn't bear to see her put the blame on herself when she hasn't done anything wrong.    

 "My mom called to tell me that Yvonne would come here and live with us for a while. I didn't expect that she'll actually come here without my permission, seeing that I've declined her request," she said, exasperated.   

"Don't worry. It won't be long before she'll start packing her own bags," he replied with a grim face.     

He had tried to avoid meddling into their sibling relationship because he didn't want to cause any troubles. But after Autumn's confession, he didn't think he could mind his own business any longer.     
Autumn smiled upon hearing what he said. She couldn't even imagine her reaction once she knew that she had to stay in the maid room.     

Yvonne, completely clueless about the arrangement, was still playing chess with Gary, trying to curry his favor.     

She deliberately took classes before paying a visit. But she was still very much a rookie compared to Gary who's already an experienced chess player.    

 Yvonne found herself losing the game within five minutes. "Gary, don't be such a bully. You might want to even the playing field since I'm just a beginner. Maybe you can try to let me withdraw a false move," she said, beginning to act like a brat.   

"Withdraw a false move?"    

Gary asked, furrowing his eyebrows upon hearing her words. How could she ask for a chance to withdraw her false move? Her words left a bad impression, as it revealed how she can't even follow the basic rules of the game.     

"Yes. That would be fair," she replied, unaware of Gary's change of mood.   

  "Shall we move on?" she asked, smiling.     

"No. We're no longer going to continue playing," Gary said, standing up as soon as he finished his words. He couldn't bear playing a game with such a dishonorable person.    

 "It's time for dinner. Nancy might have already prepared something for us. Let's have dinner."  

Nancy immediately started serving food upon Gary's request. "Excuse me. But you are sitting at my wife's seat," Charles said as Yvonne sat beside him, trying to pour him a glass of water. Autumn stood behind her silently.     

"I don't care about that. It's just a seat," she replied, patting the chair beside her.    
 "You can sit here. You wouldn't mind sitting here instead, would you?" she said, turning to Autumn.     

"But I care," Charles replied in a stern voice before Autumn could start saying anything.     

Uncomfortable silence immediately surrounded the dining room. Yvonne felt incredibly upset, not expecting that Charles would react in such a cold way.     
Glaring at Autumn, she thought Charles wouldn't be so indifferent if it weren't for her. 'Why does she have to take him away from me?' she thought, holding a grudge against her sister.   

Clenching her hands, she moved to another seat as she tried to control her rage.     

The room remained tense as everyone continued to eat silently. No one dared to utter a word except for Charles who kept on refilling Autumn's bowl, reminding her to eat more. Though Yvonne was a guest, no one paid her any attention.    

 "Charles, when you go to work tomorrow, can you-"    

"I'm sorry. But there's a rule in our family that we shouldn't talk while we're eating. So please stop talking to me. 

Understood?" Charles interrupted before she even began to finish her words.     She looked at him, her voice stuck on her throat. She forced herself to stop saying anything despite being extremely angry.   

After they finished their dinner, Yvonne pulled Autumn aside to talk to her. Smiling, she urged her sister to help her get along with Charles. "I'm exhausted. I think I might need to take a rest. Can you take me to my room?" she asked.    

 "Sure. Follow me," Autumn replied, nodding her head.     

Autumn led her through the yard, walking towards the building located at the back. 

"Here we are," she said, opening the door of the room.     

Yvonne felt something was amiss. She walked in, horrified to see herself standing in the same room with the servants. "What do you think you're doing? Why did you bring me here?" she asked irritably, looking at Autumn.    

 "What the hell are you playing at? This is the maid room! Do you want me to live here?" she yelled further.   

"Why? What's wrong with the maid room? Isn't it clean?" she said, laughing coldly as she went on.     

"It may be small but it's clean. I don't see anything wrong with it.     

Why wouldn't you want to live here? Look at them, they're all living here," Autumn said, pointing at the servants walking in the room.     

"You-" Yvonne found herself too irritated to utter a single word.     

"You did this on purpose, right?" she asked, her face flushing with rage.    

 "Is it because you're afraid that I'll take Charles from you?     

You are such a disgusting person!" she continued.    

 "What are you talking about?   

Why would you say something so ridiculous? 

You're just too much of a brat to stay here!" Autumn exclaimed. 

"What is wrong with you?! We consider the servants in this house as a part of the family. Why can't you think twice and consider others' feelings before saying anything?" she said, loud enough for the servants to hear. She wanted them to know Yvonne's true colors. 

'Do you think you're the only one who can put on a show? That's where you're wrong.' she thought. 



  1. This is getting more interesting ��
    Author pls post daily the suspense is killing me .

  2. Infact, the suspense is too much, please author, post every day

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  4. Hahahaha we die here. Thanks writer



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