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Season 2

Episode 30

(Uninvited guest)

"Autumn, you were all over my mind in my youth. Though I must admit that I am still in love with you. I can see that Charles and you are leading a happy life together and that he really loves and adores you. And I don't want to disturb you. You can always think of me as a coward because I don't know how to deal with my feelings for you but to escape." 

Sam smiled bitterly yet with acceptance. Autumn had already gotten over him during the time he went away. She realigned her priorities and adjusted herself to prepare for a new life and become a better woman. And so finally she did find her prince charming and was now leading a happy life.    

 It was about time for him to try to forget her and move forward.     

He couldn't fall in love with another woman before he completely got over Autumn, from the bottom of his heart, as it would be unfair to the other woman. 

  "As for Chris…" He paused for a second and continued speaking, "If I forget you someday, I will definitely try to love her. But I'm not sure…"   

 When this day would come, if it would come at all? He didn't know anything for certain.     

"But I can't let Chris wait for you." 

Autumn said distantly, "A woman's time is very precious, especially her youth, this time will never return. You cannot just ask her to stand there and wait for you indefinitely."   

 "Yes, I completely understand what you mean." Sam sighed and said, "My mother has not been keeping well. I need to go back to visit her and help her improve the condition of her health. When she is better, I will definitely come back, and give a chance to both Chris and me."  

  Sam smiled, "But please don't tell Chris about this now. I am not sure when I will come back. And… I would really like to surprise her."  

"Ok, that sounds good." Autumn nodded in approval. Mrs. Lin had been in bad health? She highly doubted it because when she cursed her on the phone, she sounded like she had all the strength and energy to bear life alone. But Autumn chose to say nothing about it. She didn't want anyone to think that she was trying to create a rift between Sam and his mother.     

Autumn smiled and said to Sam: "Then... I hope you have a pleasant trip."    

Autumn walked away, leaving the last minutes for Sam and Chris to talk. She went back to her car and waited. A few moments later, she saw Chris approaching the car with red eyes. But this time Chris's eyes were not red from crying, in fact she was calm. Autumn asked: "Where are we going now?"    

"Yvonne, can you drive me to the company office?" Sam had left the company for Chris to manage in his absence which would be a while. So she decided to go to the company and get a head start on the work.   

Autumn dropped Chris at the office and then she drove Chris's car around. She wanted to find a suitable job. But once they heard and recognized her name, their face paled immediately, stated that their company had enough workforce and could not hire more people. Autumn also knew why she got such a reaction from every place she approached for a job and yet she could do nothing about it.    

Autumn drove back to the company to pick up Chris once she got done with work. They later went to the supermarket and picked up some fresh ingredients to make dinner at home. What they didn't know was that there was an uninvited guest waiting for them at home.    

 "Yvonne, when did you learn to cook?" Chris was curious about how well Autumn could cook and she kept nudging her and asking her questions about it.   

"Actually, cooking is not half as difficult as you think it is. When you marry someone in the future, probably you will also learn how to cook too." Autumn said with an assuring smile.    

 "Oh, forget about it. I don't think I can cook. The last time when I simply tried to cut and prepare fruits, I almost cut my finger off. Look at my hand, the nasty scar still remains." Autumn took a close look at her hand and saw the scar on her first finger. She couldn't help laughing at her story.     

They walked into the house while talking and giggling like little girls. As they entered through the front door, the whiff of perfume greeted them. A woman wearing the perfume rushed at them before they could realize and she addressed Autumn: "I miss you so much, Sis."    

It was Yvonne.     

Soon after rushing and ambushing Autumn, she hugged her and reached out to pinch her around Autumn's waist. 

Bitch! How dare she refuse her request! Did she really think she had no other way?   

Autumn, she hugged her and reached out to pinch her around Autumn's waist. Bitch! How dare she refuse her request! Did she really think she had no other way?     

"Why are you here?" Autumn frowned and pushed her off. She abruptly questioned Yvonne who was standing across her.     

"Simply because I miss you." Yvonne smiled sweetly, "So I called aunt and uncle and told them that I would love to stay here with you for a while. Sis, we haven't talked with each other properly since you got married…"    

"Have we now?" Autumn swept aside Yvonne who was trying to touch her indifferently, "To be honest, we didn't talk a lot in the past also, did we?"    

Yvonne's expression and posture suddenly changed. She stood in front of Autumn and in a disappointed tone she said, "Sis, aren't you happy to see me and welcome me here?"    

Before Autumn could say anything, Yvonne began to shed tears. "Sis, if you don't want me stay here, I can leave right this instant."  

She looked aggrieved, standing there by herself. If some one who did not know her see her standing there like that, they would definitely pity her and think Autumn was bullying her.     

Autumn was annoyed. She had refused Wendy's request. But she didn't expect that Yvonne would offer to go to her home directly. What a shameless action.     
Chris had a bad temper. She sneered before Autumn could say anything further, "Don't act like you have been very close to my sister-in-law. I simply despise double-faced people like you the most. When you set her up in the shopping mall, I didn't know you were close."    

"That was a big misunderstanding." An unnatural look flashed across Yvonne's face. She rushed to Chris and defended herself, "At that point, I really thought she had torn the clothes. I was even kind to her and generously offered to pay for it."

  Yvonne walked to Chris and held her arm. She was Charles's sister. She knew she needed her affection and approval for when she married Charles and in that sense it was essential for her to get along with Chris. So she had to carefully deal with her and maintain a positive relation. With a smile she added, "The salesgirl was really bad. She made me misunderstand my sister. Miss Lu, please don't get angry with me."    

"Don't ever try to play tricks in front of me. You cannot manipulate me! And let me tell you, you maybe able to oppress my sister-in-law, but you cannot oppress me. This is my home and no one can stay here without my agreement..." Chris said rudely while throwing Yvonne's hand off her arm.     

Yvonne grew angry but contained that anger in her heart.  She had no alternative but to hide her anger. She knew she couldn't afford to offend Chris. 

She still continued to smile and said: "Miss Lu, I… I really just want to spend some time with my sister. You know, when a woman gets married and moves into live with her new family, she may not feel as comfortable as she did with her own family quite soon. My aunt was concerned that my sister may not have gotten used to her life here. So with only good intentions, I come here and accompany my sister for a while. And they are traveling around these days. I was quite bored at home too, so here I am. You don't need to worry. I do not intend to stay for long. I'll leave and go home as they come back from their holiday."  

Yvonne turned her head and said to Autumn: "Sis, there's a huge misunderstanding between Miss Lu and me. Please explain my side of the story to her."    

Gary walked out from the backyard before Autumn could say anything: "Chris, she's a cousin of Ye and our guest. Watch your manners!"    

"Grandpa, you know what? This woman used to…" Chris felt disgusted at Yvonne's manner of organizing her self from her speaking to her behaviors. She moved into their home, which was their private space, without any form of prior intimation of her arrival. She did it deliberately and surely had some purpose in mind.



  1. Grand pa knows what he is doing but let's wait for Charles. Thanks author

  2. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu10 September 2020 at 16:57

    Chris, you're as smart as your grandpa. Let her wait for her full embarrassment.



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