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Season 2

Episode 29

(An overseas call)

After she sent Charles out of the house and was entering her bedroom, she took her bag out while preparing to go out, she received a strange overseas call. 

Autumn hesitated for a few seconds before ultimately receiving the call. 


"Hello! Long time no see!" Autumn couldn't help trembling as she recognized the voice coming from the other side of the phone. This person had once treated her as her own daughter, but when she heard the news that Autumn had fallen in love with Sam, she kicked her away and moved abroad to live with her son.     

This part of Autumn's life was the worst and it was also the days that she never wanted to recall and relive ever again.   

  Autumn clenched the phone in her hands while her breath turned heavy with fear. A sneer came across on the phone. "What's wrong?  You dare not to talk to me?"  

Jane also received an overseas call several days back, knowing that her son went back to find Autumn which enraged her further more. 'What a bitch!' Jane cursed to herself.     

Jane could not even imagine let alone accept that Sam still couldn't forget Autumn after being away from her for so many years.     

"Why didn't you say hello and greet me respectfully after all I am older than you?" Jane went on speaking as her voice sounded cold yet angry on the phone.    

 Autumn forced herself to calm down in that moment and greeted her politely, "Hello, Aunt Jane."    

She used to call her Aunt Jane.     

But it seemed that Jane did not appreciate and seek her kindness at all. Instead, Jane laughed grimly and said to Autumn, "I dare not to be your aunt.  You better call me Mrs. Lin."  

Instead, Jane laughed grimly and said to Autumn, "I dare not to be your aunt.  You better call me Mrs. Lin."    

"Well, Mrs. Lin." Autumn called her obliging to her wish. It had been many years since the heart-rending incident, but Jane still bore grudge and hatred towards Autumn. Yet Autumn could not figure out the reason why Jane despised her so much. Was it just because she had fallen in love with Sam earlier?   

  "Mrs. Lin, time is precious. So please be brief if you want to have a conversation right now. I still have my work to catch up on." She was not the submissive girl anymore who would bear Jane's inexplicable scolding for no rhyme or reason.     

"Wow, it may seem that you have transformed into a mighty strong and courageous girl now. How dare you assume that tone while being impatient with me?" Jane grinned with dissatisfaction and added, "Autumn, I must tell you that Sam is my son and he will only listen to me. He abandoned you once before because of me and he will do it once again."  

It sounded like Jane was angry. She thought Autumn would be upset when she heard this, while Autumn came to understand why Sam was in such a hurry to go back to his mother.    

 'Jane lied to Sam about being sick in order to force him to go abroad with her. And now she is about to play the same very trick after so many years.'   

 She pondered, 'But I'm married to Charles. What's more, I suppose she like Chris. Why would she ask Sam to leave Chris, causing her such pain?'   

 "Mrs. Lin, I am afraid that you have a massive misunderstanding here. Sam and I..." Autumn was going to explain the entire situation to her. She had to do this especially for the sake of Chris's happiness.     

She had been abandoned in a similar manner, so she had experienced the pain which had almost driven her to death. And she hoped Chris would not have to experience the very same ordeal.   

But before she could explain everything, Jane interrupted her and burst into a sneer. She sarcastically and scornfully said to her, "Autumn, do you think just because I am abroad I don't know what is going on there? Yes, it is true that Sam hasn't forgotten you after all these years. 

Even then you cannot expect to get married to him and be a part of my family. I can tell you now that as long as I am alive, you will never get the chance to marry my son. I will discipline my son, but I am afraid the one that truly needs disciplining is you. I will teach you a lesson if you keep seducing my son!"  

  "Mrs. Lin, I..." Before Autumn could finish her sentence Jane hung up the phone, leaving the busy tone to Autumn.     
Autumn furrowed her brows and felt upset by the entire conversation. Her beautiful and motivated mood had been thoroughly destroyed by this call.   

Autumn was dumbfounded in the yard when Chris rushed out.     

Now that Mrs. Lin was abroad, she couldn't have heard the news about her recent encounters with Sam. And it was impossible for Sam to tell Jane everything. Perhaps Jane had arranged someone to keep a watch on him. Or it must be someone else who wanted to slander her reputation.     

A name suddenly popped up in her mind. Was it Wendy?     

Though she was Autumn's birth mother, she had always been vicious and unkind towards Autumn. And she would sacrifice her for the sake of Yvonne's happiness without a blink.     

Autumn would not be surprised if it was Wendy who had been calling and informing Mrs. Lin.     

"Chris, what are you going to do?" Autumn stopped Chris and found her eyes were filled with tears. She recalled that Sam was leaving by the morning flight, so perhaps Chris wanted to see him off one last time.   

She wanted to... She wanted to send off the man she miserably loved.     

"Yvonne, I am going to the airport. I want to send him off." She remembered that she had set an alarm clock, but it did not ring this morning. When she woke up, she was already late for the airport.   

 "Okay. I will take you to the airport," said Autumn. Chris's ankle was sprained, so it was not easy for her to drive by herself. 

Autumn decided to send her there personally. As soon as the car stopped in the parking lot, Chris ran toward the airport in a desperate rush.     

Though she gathered all of her strength, she staggered all the way.     

Autumn parked the car and followed her in. She saw Sam holding Chris who was now bathed in tears. Autumn just went and silently stood beside her.   

It took Sam a long time to comfort and console Chris. He said something to her, then Chris glanced at Autumn and walked aside, wiping her tears silently.  

   Sam walked to Autumn, but there was no uneasiness and hesitance in his face. Instead he looked composed. Sam reached out his arms to Autumn and said, "I am going to leave now. Let's hug and say our goodbye one last time."    

It was meant as just a joke, but Autumn really hugged him the very next second.     
Even though they could not be lovers in this lifetime, they sure could still be friends.     

While Autumn held Sam tightly, she realized that she had already let go of everything and was totally over him.    

 "Thanks for coming to see me off today." Sam loosened his arms and added, "Autumn, you are right. I am a coward. I abandoned you irresponsibly and now..."  

Autumn gestured with her hands and responded, "Let it go. I am fine, but..."

Saying this, Autumn took a glance at Chris, trying to indicate what she meant, and went on, "Well, nothing. Just forget it."

"I know what you were going to say." 

Sam smiled faintly. Even though the call last night from Autumn did not go the way both of them had anticipated, he was enlightened by the call. She was right. He has been a hundred-percent coward. 



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