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Season 2

Episode 28

(Sam is leaving)

He had basically tried out all of the entertainment projects with Chris in the amusement park. At last, they got onto the giant Ferris wheel.    

 Each of them occupied one small passenger cart of the ride. Slowly and steadily as it ascended upwards, they looked down at the beautiful and picturesque city as it glittered through the night lights. Chris suddenly asked as she turned herself towards Sam, "Sam, if... you met me earlier, would you have fallen in love with me then?"    

Perhaps all girls who carried the torch would ask such a question. Often when girls came down to asking this question it simply meant they had been in despair.     

Despite knowing that this question would not bring any peace or reason to the fore, she still wanted to know why Sam didn't like her beyond friendship.   

She stared at Sam silently yet impatiently, waiting for his answer, any answer that would put her out of her misery. When Sam looked at her, he saw her eyes were brimming with tears while twinkling with expectation. He didn't want to hurt her further and lead her on, so he mustered the courage and said, "If... if I could forget her, perhaps I would have a crush on you." 'It's just a hypothetical question. It doesn't matter if I do lie to her.     

Besides, I wasn't really lying. I do have some feeling for her and these feeling that I nurture for her are beyond what one would develop for their friends,' thought Sam to himself.     

Chris's eyes brightened slightly with hope once she heard his response. Once the Ferris wheel reached its peak, Chris suddenly called out, "Sam." He had been watching the night sky with the bright moon. As he heard Chris call out his name, he turned to look at her. All of a sudden, his lips were touched by Chris's. Her kiss was light and tender.   

Sam froze almost immediately. Once he realized what was going on, Chris had leaned back into her seat.     

There was a tale revolving around a Ferris wheel. The tale stated that if a couple kissed when the Ferris wheel reached the top, they would get married and lead a happy life. This tale gave innocent girls yearning for love faith by believing in this ridiculous saying, little did Chris also put her faith in this story.

 Once they got out of the Ferris wheel, they acted awkward around one another. While Sam went to get his car, Chris waited at the entrance of the amusement park.   

Sam drove her to the Lu Family house. They did not exchange one word through the entire ride back.   

As they pulled over at the gate of Lu Family house, Chris said to Sam, "I... I will go inside."    

"Bye," Sam answered pretending as if nothing had happened that night. He didn't get out of the car and he waited for Chris to enter the door before driving off.     

Chris was distracted as she waltzed into the living room. Autumn was worried about her, so she had been waiting there since she came home. As soon as Chris came in, she walked up to her and asked her with a concerned look, "Chris, what is going on? What did he say to you?"    

"Yvonne..." She threw herself into Autumn's arms, with her tears running down her cheeks. She muttered while sobbing, "He is leaving."    

Autumn asked as she gently stroked Chris's back, "What? Where will he go?"

  'I never heard about this. Why would he not tell me that he is leaving?' Autumn was confused and full of doubts.    

 "He intends to return to America." Chris tried to give up on Sam, but she just failed.     

'What could I do even if I don't want to give up on him? He just doesn't like me at all,' Chris thought to herself.     

Autumn continued to pacify her, "Come on. Don't cry." "Why did he suddenly decide to go back?"    

"He... he said that his mother was not in good health, so he had to go back to America to look after her. He may never come back." Chris was grieved at the thought that she might not see Sam ever again. She felt like everything was ruined and was in a mess. She didn't know what to do anymore.     

Autumn gave a sigh and thought to herself, 'Perhaps it's not a bad news. He saw Chris every day and still he didn't realize how important Chris is to him. 

Once he leaves and does not see her, he might realize that Chris is always the one who he has really loved all along.   

He saw Chris every day and still he didn't realize how important Chris is to him. 

Once he leaves and does not see her, he might realize that Chris is always the one who he has really loved all along.     

As the saying goes that distance makes the heart grow fonder,' Autumn pondered.    

 "Chris, listen to me." With a serious look Autumn said to Chris, "I know that you like Sam a lot. But you must have noticed that Sam behaved like he isn't into you. I really want to help you but I don't know where to start. You are at the age where you want to get married and even grandpa has been looking forward to seeing you get married. Now with Sam leaving, if you meet some proper men, you can try going on dates with them. It will not do you any harm and you may end up making friends if there is no chemistry. What do you think?"    

"I..." Chris intended to refuse her advice, but she then realized that Autumn's words made sense. 'I can't wait for Sam for the rest of my life.' She went on, "Well, Yvonne. I will listen to you."  

"I will help you through with all of this." 

Autumn added as she patted Chris's shoulder, "It's late now. Go to bed soon!"    
Once Autumn saw Chris enter her room, she went to the yard and called Sam. As soon as Sam answered the phone, she scolded him in a loud tone. Before she hung up the call, she told Sam, "Just wait and watch! I will find Chris a man who is much better than you. You will regret giving up on Chris, like this."    

Sam still didn't admit to having feelings for Chris. After pausing for a while, he said to Autumn, "I have always treated Chris as my sister. I will be more than happy for her if she can find someone she loves and who loves her back."    

Autumn cried out in anger, "Sam, you bastard!" "You left me, and now you intend to do the same thing to Chris. So many years have passed yet you have remained a coward. I truly despise you!"

  Autumn had understood why Sam had chosen to leave her. Until now she had never blamed him for leaving her alone in that manner. But when she had learnt of his plans to treat Chris in the same manner, she just could not get herself to forgive him anymore!     

She took this chance to blurt out all the feelings and words she had bottled up about him. She had waited a long time to say all these words. She even swore to herself that she would find Chris a better boyfriend and would let Sam repent.    

 Autumn hung up the phone angrily and returned to her room.     

Charles had been in a video conference, so he didn't pay any attention to Autumn when she came in. One he finished the meeting, he found Autumn sitting on the bed with a furious look. With growing concern, he hurried to ask, "What happened? Who pissed you off?"  

"Nobody," she replied coldly. "Charles, listen to me carefully. From today on, if you meet any excellent bachelors, don't forget to consider them and keep in mind for Chris. I am sure that Chris can find a better man than Sam."    

Charles was stunned by the sudden change in her attitude. 'Who told me that Sam cared about Chris?'   

 "My sweetheart, don't get angry about this."    

Autumn responded, "I'm not angry."    

The following morning Charles got up early. After he had a day-off, he got a lot of work to catch up on today. He noticed that Autumn had gotten up earlier so he asked, "Why didn't you sleep a little longer?"  

Autumn replied, "I couldn't get myself to sleep. I still haven't found a job. So I intend to look around to see if I can get an appropriate job."    

"You don't need to hurry to find a job. I can take care of you and your expenses..." Before Charles could finish his sentence, Autumn said as she moved closer to him to help him wear his tie, "Enough! I am not that sort of woman who needs her husband to take care of her. Besides, I have confidence in finding a job. After all, I am an experienced and competent woman who can handle her work professionally."    

Charles said with a content smile, "Of course you are. You are my wife. I am sure you are a competent woman."    

Autumn couldn't control her laughter and said, "Garrulous! I know that you want to praise yourself."



  1. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu7 September 2020 at 15:36

    Sam will regret this. Hope it will not be too late

  2. Am sure that sam will regret ever leaving chris



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