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Season 2

Episode 25

(Remove the stitches)

"Oh. You like seeing me wear pink underpants, don't you? From now on, I'll make sure to buy pink underpants for your sake," Charles said, teasing Autumn as he suddenly dragged her into the bathroom. He stood completely naked, having already taken off his clothes. 

Autumn felt uneasy, not used to seeing him that way. "You…" she trailed off. "Put on your clothes!"    

Charles found the scene in front of him amusing. Her wife had absolutely no reason to be shy. He wondered why she cannot look at him despite of all the things they had already done as a couple.     

"Are you kidding? Do you want me to take a shower with my clothes on?"    Charles teased.     

"Well… you should continue taking a shower. But let me go out first,"  

Said Autumn, trying to run away immediately. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked, her efforts proving to be in vain as Charles caught her by the waist.     

"I'm going back to the bedroom," Autumn replied, covering her blushing face with sweaty hands. She couldn't seem to stop looking everywhere but him, obviously trying to avoid eye contact.     

"How about we take a shower together?" he asked, whispering to her ears as he held her from the back.     

His warm breath spread throughout Autumn's body, making her feel hot all over.     

"S-Stop it.." she said, too shy to do anything despite liking what they were doing.     

Charles remained steady as Autumn tried to stop him and push him away. "Don't tease me. Go take a shower," she said as heat flooded her cheeks.   

"I'm not doing anything," he said as he started touching her.    

 "Have you forgotten that we already missed the night of our wedding day?    

 I woud never let that happen again."    Charles remembered that they signed a contract the night of their wedding day, agreeing on a three-point law stated in the document. He wanted to destroy that document whenever he thought about it. 

Especially now that they had a genuine relationship and things were completely different.     


Don't you feel tired?" she asked, wondering where he got his energy. They were having sex every night.     

He seemed to become more keen to do it. On the other hand, she felt completely exhausted every time they did it.   

"Are you doubting my potency?" Charles said, pretending to be annoyed. He continued to hold her still and took her into the bath tub, then he followed to join. As the warm water wrapped both of their bodies, Autumn gasped, her face becoming pale. "Stop it! Let me go!"    

She exclaimed, the water muffling her screams.     

"Let you go? How do you expect me to let you go?"    

The warm water continued to flow, making both of them feel comfortable. Autumn's pajamas were soaked, showing her voluptuous figure. Blushing, she sank further into pleasure, turning her into mush.     

"I…" She mumbled, not knowing how to reply to his question.   

She had always been a conservative woman. Even when it came to sex, she preferred to do it in a traditional way. 

Doing it in the water made her completely anxious.     

"Please don't…"    

She said, trying to wriggle out of his touch even if she felt extremely comfortable and intimate.     

Despite Autumn's reluctance, he started to strip her off her clothes, his hands wandering all over her body.     

Autumn, now fully immersed with lust, completely forgot the shyness she had initially felt. Charles started to enter and suddenly withdraw, stopping all of his movements. "Do you want me to continue?" he asked with a naughty smile on his face.     


Autumn's face flushed deep red, unable to complete what she was supposed to say. She sighed, annoyed that he suddenly withdrew when he had already inserted the tip.   

Charles couldn't help but laugh seeing Autumn pissed off. "Tell me what you want or else I wouldn't do it,"    

He said, teasing Autumn further.     

"What do you want?"    

Charles kept asking, wanting to hear the words come out of her own mouth.     

"I want…"    

She couldn't seem to tell him what she wanted, too embarrassed to say the word.    

 "Want what?     

What do you want?"    

"Sex," she whispered, her voice almost inaudible.   

Hearing her response awakened him, making him growl and start humping.    

 They did not stop until they reached their highs, making the night filled with lust and pleasure. As the water in the tub grew cold, Autumn started to drift off to sleep.     

Charles was amused to see her asleep, surprised that she could drift off right after having sex in the tub.     

Helpless, he wondered what he would do next.     

Without waking her up, he started to bathe her with warm water, wiping her body with a dry towel afterward. Carrying her over to the bed, he laid her down beside him. He felt happy and content as he held Autumn in his arms.     

During the next day, Charles needed to visit the hospital to remove his stitches.

 Autumn got up early in the morning, setting up the alarm for Charles, while she went to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.   

She felt sore all over her body, uncomfortable with what she was feeling after their night full of pleasure. 

She brought the porridge that she made for Charles, intentionally putting wolfberry and pork kidney. "Eat this. It's full of nutrients and good for your kidney."    

Charles almost slipped the spoon in his hand upon hearing her words. "Are you implying that I'm not good enough last night?" he asked with his eyes narrowed.     
"Wasn't that enough? I might need to double my efforts tonight so you can erase all of your doubts," he added.    

 "Charles, you're not the only one in this house. You might need to consider my feelings before you say anything like that. I'm single, you know," complained Chris as she entered the dining room.   

She happened to hear their conversation as she walked towards them, making Autumn blush with embarrassment.    

 She decided to come back to the kitchen, turning around to hide her face.     
"What happened to her?" Chris asked out of confusion, looking at her brother in front of her.     

"Here, eat your breakfast!"   

 Charles said, handing over the porridge, ignoring her question.     

After finishing their meal, Autumn went with Charles to the hospital. He tried to make her wait outside, but she insisted to go inside the examination room with him.     

She gripped his hands firmly, looking more anxious than him.     

"Charles, you can hold my hand if you feel any pain. Don't worry. It will be fine,"

  Autumn said, not knowing whether she was trying to comfort Charles or herself.     
He felt her grip getting firmer when the doctor began the treatment. Despite being afraid, she continued to follow the doctor's every movement, her heart trembling at the removal of every stitch.    
 Autumn felt that the procedure was taking too long. Worried that there might be something wrong, she decided to ask a question.     

"Doc, how is his wound? Is everything okay?"    

"His wounds have already healed. I'll give him some prescription. He'll be fine soon, just don't forget to take the medicine on time," the doctor replied without even raising his head.




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