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Season 2

Episode 24

(Autumn suspicion)

She had lived with her ex-boyfriend before she met Charles. When she finally found an excuse to break up with her ex-boyfriend, the guy packed all his belongings and walked away from her life. Now, she's left with an apartment that looked livable for a single lady.   

  "Can I use your bathroom?" asked Charles, taking off his business suit.     He was lucky enough that the shirt hadn't gotten dirty. All he needed to do was clean his suit.     

"This way," Leila said as he gestured for Charles to follow her towards the bathroom.     

"Mr. Lu, I'm really sorry. I promise I will clean your suit or I might as well buy a new one for you,"  

She said regretfully.     

"You don't have to do that,"    

Charles replied nonchalantly.     

Leilas pocket, finding his mobile phone.

 Her face flushed as the phone rang, showing the number of Charles's wife. 
She walked into the balcony, picking up the phone after hesitating a few moments. "Good day, Mrs. Lu. Your husband is currently inside the bathroom. Once he gets out, I'll inform him that you have called," Leila said respectfully as she hung up the phone.     
After putting down the phone on the table anxiously, she decided to make some tea.     

As Charles came out of the bathroom, he saw Leila sitting on the couch and a cup of hot tea on the table. "I'm leaving. Have a good night."  

"Mr. Lu, would you like to have a cup of tea before you go?" Leila asked, trying to persuade Charles to stay overnight.     

If she only had a choice, she would like to stay with him even if they did nothing but talk.    

 "Save yourself the trouble. I never drink tea at night. Otherwise, I might find it difficult to sleep," Charles explained.   

 "Thank you anyway."    

"Here's your phone," Leila said, handing over his phone and wallet.     

"By the way, your wife called earlier and I answered it for you."    

"What? Why did you do that?" Charles exclaimed, forcefully taking his phone from Leila.     

He's absolutely surprised that she did such a thing. He didn't think that Leila is ever capable of fiddling with his phone.

  Leila was incredibly frightened to see Charles lose his temper. It took a few moments before she regained her composure. "Mr. Lu, I was just afraid that your wife might worry about you so…" 

she trailed off, not being able to complete her explanation as she started sobbing uncontrollably.     

They said that tears are women's most effective weapon for defense. It's probably the reason why the scene somehow alleviated Charles's anger. 

"Never mind. Just don't ever do that again. Are we clear on that?" said Charles softly, attempting to comfort her.     

"Yes," Leila answered with tears streaming down her face.     

She finally got a hold of herself, as Charles started to walk out of her apartment. Putting on a brave face, she willed herself to stop crying.   

She stood still at the window, trying not to look sad, as she watched the car pulling away.     

'I can't do this anymore. I better start making a move and make Charles fall in love with me,' Leila thought, her eyes full of mischief.     

She was satisfied to be Charles's mistress as long as he's there for her whenever she wanted him. She's confident that if she's able to keep him around successfully, he would eventually fall in love with her.     

"Mrs. Lu, let's wait and see,"    

Leila said to herself, laughing hysterically.     

Charles had no idea what Leila said to Autumn on the phone. Rushing home, he arrived and saw that their bedroom door was opened. Thinking that Autumn might have slept already, he walked toward the bathroom. Before he got inside, the light came on unexpectedly.

 Autumn sat on the bed, looking at Charles with an expression that was hard to read. "Where have you been?" she asked quietly.     

"Why do you come home so late?"    

He glanced at Autumn, trying to stifle his laugh. He thought how funny it was that she somehow looked like a dissatisfied housewife. "Why are you still awake?" he asked, sitting beside her at the bed.    

 Autumn ignored his question, looking at him blankly as she waited for an answer.     
Guilt flowed over him as her wife continued to stare. "Alright, I know I should not have come back so late but I was invited to a business dinner that I couldn't refuse. I'm really sorry," he said, admitting his mistake.     

"Next time if I come home late again, please don't wait for me. You can go ahead and sleep," he went on, trying to comfort her.   

"What kind of business dinner did you have to attend?" she asked, remembering the voice from the phone call earlier.     

She was certain that it was Leila who answered the phone in an ambiguous manner which further fueled her doubts.    
 "Not an important one. But I had to attend it," he said, holding Autumn in his arms.     

"From now on, I promise that I will tell you whenever I'm invited to this kind of business dinners."    

Autumn frowned, still uncomfortable and suspicious. Somehow, there's a voice inside her that's not buying what he said.     

"Were you there alone?" she asked further.   

"Of course not. I had the company of the girl you introduced.     

The one named Leila? I'm not really sure,"    

Charles answered absent-mindedly.     "Haven't you always attended business dinners with Linda?     

Why did Leila go with you tonight?" asked Autumn stubbornly.     

"Linda took a day off today because she felt sick. Sooner or later, Leila would need to be able to deal with this kind of business dinners so I asked her to go with me," Charles answered without even thinking.     

"What's wrong? Are you jealous?"    

"I called you earlier but Leila answered," Autumn said frankly.   

"She said you were doing something in her bathroom?     

How did you end up in her bathroom?"    

Despite knowing that Leila had answered his phone back in her apartment, he never expected that she would say such thing that could be easily misinterpreted.

 He thought to himself, 'Did Leila deliberately do this to cause some trouble and make Autumn angry?'    

He sighed, understanding that he needed to explain everything to Autumn. "Leila got drunk during the business dinner. As her superior, I had to take her home or else she might be in trouble. She threw up at me when I was just dropping her off so I had to wash my suit in the bathroom. You can get my suit and smell it for yourself if you don't believe me," Charles said, taking off his suit.    

 Just as he was about to put it over her nose, Autumn stopped his hand halfway and shouted, "Go ahead and take a shower! You stink!"  

"Alright, I'll do it. You're the boss," said Charles, smiling as he walked towards the bathroom.     

He shouted not long after he entered the bathroom, asking for Autumn to bring him his underpants.     

Autumn was speechless.     

"Where are your pants?"    

She hesitated, debating whether to get it for him.     

"Inside the drawer on the left side of the wardrobe,"    

Shouted Charles.     

Autumn opened the drawer. As she looked inside, she saw that the underpants came in different colors. She wondered whether they belonged to him or not.   

Charles usually had clothes that came in three or four colors, including white, black, gray and blue. No one would expect that he had a collection of multi-colored underpants. Autumn refrained from laughing as she decided to pick the pink one for him. "Here you go, " she said cheerfully, tossing the underpants into the bathroom.



  1. So after helping her, this is what she used to pay you. Thanks author

  2. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu4 September 2020 at 15:20

    How can someone be so ungrateful

  3. She will be shock if she find out that Ye is the real wife



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