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Season 2

Episode 22

(A tacit understanding between friends)

Upon hearing Isla's words, Autumn shook her head with a smile. Her relationship with Charles was unbalanced from the beginning, but she hoped and tried to always be on equal terms with him.     

"Are you done?" She asked softly and politely as Isla put down her chopsticks on the table.     

"Yeah, I'm done. Let me drive you back," Isla offered. As Autumn had no car, she either traveled by the subway or hailed a taxi every time. "You're Mrs. Lu now. You can't take the subway or a taxi every time you go out. You should at least have a car, which will give your husband more face," Isla added her opinion.     

Autumn said nothing but was pondering about what Isla said. She didn't mind taking these forms of transportation, but now she just had to consider whether it would cause Charles any undue trouble if people found out that Mrs. Lu often took the public transport.   

Once they left the restaurant, Isla drove Autumn home. As the car came to a halt near the gate of Dream Garden, Autumn invited her in. "It is too late. I'll come to your house next time," Isla promised while declining her polite offer with a smile on her face.     

Autumn nodded slightly and prepared to get out of the car, but Isla stopped her, "Autumn..."    

"Yes?" Autumn turned to her with an inquiring glance.     

"If you do start a company, I can give you a hand," Isla said, "Although I've spent a lot of money these years, I have some savings remaining. If you need it, I'll take it out especially for you."  

"Thank you, Isla, this is very considerate of you. I'll call you when the need for it arises," Autumn replied as she was touched and grateful for the offer.     

Isla then drove away. And Autumn did not turn to enter her house until Isla's car was out of sight. Unexpectedly, she met Sam as soon as she reached the door. "Sam, what are you doing here at this time?" Autumn asked.     

"I... I'm here to see Chris." Sam looked uncomfortable and almost unnatural. Chris didn't go to work all day today. He was afraid it was what he said yesterday that hurt her, and as he began overthinking it he became more and more worried and concerned. So the moment he got off work he bought some fruit and came to see Chris. Little did he know that Chris didn't go to work because of her injury until he met her.    

 Autumn nodded to him. Seeing that Sam's hand was still wrapped in gauze and cotton dressing, she asked with concern, "How's your hand? Is it serious?"  

"No," Sam smiled and answered, "It's bound to leave a scar, but that's alright."    
"Oh, good," Autumn said in a comforting tone. Exactly in that moment, Sam noticed Autumn's diamond ring. "It's..." he asked, looking at her ring and feeling a sharp pain in his heart.    

 "This is... Charles and I got our marriage license just today. Now we are legally married," Autumn explained, her face lit up with joy just with the thought of how special the day was.    

 "You... just got your marriage license today?" Sam asked as his eyes widened with shock and surprise. He felt the gloom of sudden regret. He was always too late and now he missed the chance to be with her, for eternity.   

If he had just known that Autumn and Charles had not gotten their marriage license earlier, he would have done everything he could to take Autumn away, instead of overthinking every step of the way.     

"Yes," Autumn nodded and smiled. "We couldn't get a marriage license in the previous situation. But now I have told Charles absolutely everything and I am just not afraid of hiding it from him."    

"You mean Charles knows who you are now?" Sam asked with a rather puzzled look.     

"Yeah, he does," Autumn nodded. Then she looked at Sam and sincerely said, "Sam, I'm living and doing all well. 

Charles loves me with all his heart. I do sincerely hope that you find the perfect woman for you as well."    

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Chris is a good girl. It is about time you thought about getting married."  

Sam smiled, put out his hand to touch Autumn's head, but then realized it would be inappropriate, so he withdrew his hand with a wry smile. "It's good that you are doing well. As for my affairs... I'll think about them myself."    

"But..." Autumn tried to persuade him, but Sam seemed unwilling to listen to her. She just had to give up.     

"It's getting late. I should head home now. Have an early night." Uttering these words Sam left. Autumn, while watching his receding figure realized that he was very lonely.     

Autumn heaved a sigh and entered the house. The atmosphere in the living room was cheerful. Chris, who was rather moody yesterday, was now holding Gary's hand and was laughing while talking.     

"What is happening here? You look so happy, Chris," Autumn asked and smiled, "How's your ankle now? I hope you changed the bandages on time."  

"It's much better. It's just a sprain, Yvonne. It's nothing serious. Please don't worry," Chris answered while putting a grape in her mouth. She pointed to the grapes neatly kept on the table, and said, "Try the grapes, Yvonne. It's so very sweet and delicious."    

"Is the grape sweet or do you feel sweet?" Autumn passed a sly smile as she made fun of her. Chris was so delighted simply because Sam had come to see her. It was almost like she had forgotten that how determined she was to give up on Sam just last night.    

 "Yvonne..." Chris passed an embarrassed look at Autumn. She had not forgotten what she had said the previous night.     

"All right, I won't talk about that," Autumn smiled, "There's something... I want to tell you."  

"What is it now?" Chris asked Autumn as she ate the fruit that Sam had so thoughtfully brought for her. At that point, nothing seemed to be as important to her as Sam's surprise visit.     
"Charles... and I got our marriage license today." Autumn turned to glance at Gary as she did not know if Charles had told Gary about her true identity. Upon giving it a second thought, she realized that Gary had stopped calling her Yvonne these days and called her Ye as Charles did. With that she concluded that he might have know about it.     

Sure enough, Gary didn't show any surprise, but Chris did. "What? Yvonne, you just got your marriage license today?"    

"Yes," Autumn answered with a smile while adding, "You know why your brother and I were together to begin with. But to be honest, I wasn't expecting to get here. Anyway... we're a real family now."  

Chris laughed heartily, "I've have always thought of you as a family member. So now you can pay some attention to my marriage."    

"Sure, you don't even have to mention it.  You asked me to introduce a man to you last night and I told your brother all about it. There are so many excellent young bachelors around him. I've asked him to introduce the best one to you!" Autumn teased her.     

"Yvonne, you know I'm not talking about this," Chris hastened to stop Autumn in her tracks.     

"Then what exactly are you talking about?" Autumn pretended not to understand what she was implying.    

 Observing that Chris was too shy to speak out about her feelings, Gary openly said, "She means Sam. That young man looks good. Chris said he's your friend. I just talked to him and got a good impression of him. It would be perfect if he could be with Chris."  

"Grandpa." Chris patted Gary on the arm while she was embarrassed. "I get it, grandpa." Autumn couldn't help laughing while speaking.




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