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And he thought I would be gotten rid of easily? Nah the show just started.

His engagement to that low class girl went viral.

The video is all over the Internet makes me wanna puke.

What is mine i must take and no one can stop me. Not even Katherine.

I smiled to myself and hugged my pillow tightly. Watch out baby boy am coming back and this time there's absolutely nothing he can do to stop what's about to turn up.

Glanced at phone and kissed the screen. Jay baby's picture was my screen saver.

The fact is I don't wanna let go. Am way possessive.


I opened my eyes and groan in pain as I felt soar down there.

My legs feels like jelly. I turned to my right but Jay wasn't in bed. 

"Hello beautiful mind if I steal you for a moment?" He stood by the door with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Yeah I definitely don't mind." I chuckled and he walked towards me. 

Before I could say duck he carried me up in bridal style like I was nothing.

He took me to the bathroom and dropped me in the jacuzzi. 

"You were saying?" He raised his eyebrow and splashed cold water on my body.

"I was saying I love you." I blurted out.

He chuckled and brought his face closer for a kiss.

"Now that's my girl." He whispered audibly and washed my body properly before picking out a bathrobe and wore em for me.

"Gush I feel soar inbetween." I lamented as we went back to the bedroom..

"Am sorry baby what should I do about it now? Do you want me to blow on it?" He asked and i rolled my eyes .

"No no it's okay. I just hope you ain't going to the office today. " I praying he was gonna say no.

"Yes baby girl I've to . theres a big partnership that I would like to seal." He explained and I sighed...

"Its okay I understand." I sadly said.

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