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{The wedding}



Murmurs could be heard as Kathy walked into the cathedral alongside Blake and a police officer who had a smirk on.

"What's going on jay? What are they doing here?" Keisha was trying so hard to claim her husband from your claws." I winked and her eyes widen in shock.

"Stop sayin that jay you were gonna get married to me remember?"her eyes had become gloomy and I frown.

"Arrest her inspector!" Blake commanded and everyone gasp in shock.

Keisha was more than frightened.

"What? No you can't arrest me. I didnt do anything wrong, jay please don't let them take me." She held on to my sleeves and I shoved her off.

"Oh really why should I? Or do I need to remind you of how you faked your pregnancy and DNA test results just so you could have your ways with me ? Or save you after killing Falcon to cover up your secrets?" I chuckled and glare hard at her.

"Hope you understand now that you can't mess with a cartel and get away with it. You're just so desperate for power and material things and innocent lives were lost all thanks to you. Today the whole world will hear of your deceit." I smiled leaving her dumbfounded.

She stammered as words became a difficult thing.

I glance around the room and my eyes landed on mom who was also trying to take the whole thing in.

I smiled at her and she sigh.

"No jay! You can't leave me not now when I'm at the verge of Victory. If I'm gong down someone is going down with me." She threatened and tried to grab the inspector's gun too bad he was way too fast and got hold of his gun before she could.

The cathedral had trolling with cops as they try to to get hold of her.

"I love you so much jay! She can't love you the way I do. Please don't send me away please I love you ." she sounded pathetic as she was being dragged outta the cathedral as everyone stared at her confused and shocked.

The priest sigh and frown at me.

"So can we at least have a real wedding now?"



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