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{Baby father }



St Andre cathedral was unexpectedly filled up with guest as we wait for the fake bride to walk down the Aisle.

Derrick and Ian stood behind me happily giving me short tips.

I chuckled inwardly at the thought of what's about to go down in few hours.

I really can't wait to expose that evil witch its all thanks to her  that falcon lost his life . she was obviously trying to bury her secrets with him but unfortunately it resurfaced, this time she won't be able to save herself from my wrath.

I looked at the crowd before me to find mom seated calmly. Her expression was quite unreadable.

Pretty sure she's not happy with the whole thing.

I really wish I could tell her everything thats gonna happen but I just couldn't.

She's probably not gonna expect what's gonna happen in few minutes.

I diverted my gaze back to the entrance door as chattering could be heard from the guests.

There she stood smiling like she actually that sweet.

Held by her grandma she walked past the crowd proudly with her head raise up high while walking towards me.

She gave me a smile that felt almost convincing.

Taking her hand and leading her towards me while we stand at the alter facing each other.

She would blush whenever she felt my gaze on her.

Such pathetic criminal.


" do you Keisha Ryu take Jayden Cartel as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health?" The pastor asked while the whole place had become so quiet as they all waited patiently for her answer.

"I do ." she said smiling back at me and actually felt disgusted.

"And do you Jayden Cartel take Keisha Ryu as your lovely wedded wife in sickness and in health?" He asked and a smirk cripped up my lips.

"I don't and I won't." I blurted out and he everyone had become dumbfounded by my respond.

"What are you saying jay? Is this some kinda joke? Please everyone are watching." Keisha looked at me with worry written all over her face.

"Thats the plan baby girl." I smirked mischievously and boom Katherine had arrived..

"What did I miss lovelies?" Kathy smiled brightly as she walked into the cathedral.

The whole crowd had began to murmur in confusion.



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