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{The wedding }  



Honestly if this was some kinda dream I really don't wanna wake up.

Who would have thought Jayden was gonna agree to marry me.

He just made everything solitary. That way I can actually get pregnant.

I sighed happily as I stared at my reflection while my hair was neatly done by a high class stylist from Monte Carlos. Known for her wonderful craft. 

Jay had personally asked for her services and right now am getting ready to get married to the man of my dreams.

I smiled brightly and won't help but be grateful to Kathy for her stubbornness only made way for me to get into jay's heart and it did worked perfectly.

"You look beautiful milady." Edbunrd complimented and I blush heavily.

"Thanks." I mumbled and held on to my dress before walking towards the glass walls. 

The cars were all set waiting for me to come downstairs.

My facials wasn't left out too for I was given the best make over by Flick a famous and well known make up artist.

Fancy right ?

"Aww my baby girl you look lovely." Grandma said happily and kissed me on both cheeks.

"Thanks grandma won't have looked this wonderful without you."I chuckled and she smiled brightly.

"We have to go now. You don't wanna keep your groom waiting do you?" She raised her eyebrow and I sigh.

"Let's go grandma am all set." I said and stared at my reflection one more time before walking towards the door with the help of grandma who held on to my dress.

This is gonna be the day the world won't ever forget.


"Is everything ready Blake?" I asked over the phone and I could hear his little laugh.

"You gat it sister in law." He said playfully and I chuckled for he was being childish.

"What about the press? Its important they're present on such glorious day." I remind him.

"Trust me sister in law I got all everything covered. Tell jay to stalk for awhile before we arrive at the cathedral." He added and I nodded like he would see me.

"Don't take too long Blake." I sigh and stared at the beautiful wedding dress jay had bought for me.

He had also hired so many people to take good care of me.

I couldn't help but adore the beautiful piece before me.

It had diamonds all over it giving the glitters it needed to glow.

Its my wedding day today and supposed to make a grand entry.



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