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{Baby father }    



I loved everything about her and how my touch made effects on her.

    Just couldn't get enough of her but right now am gonna make her beg for me.

Rolled her over again and this time I was hovering over her while she encircled her fine structured leg around my torso pulling me into her but I had my own plans.

I trailed my finger on her p*ssy entrance earning a moan from her.

Her moans were rather soft yet enticing as I slide in a finger and moved in and outta her on a steady tempo her body shook while she looked at me with pleasure.

I leaned over and bit her earlobe teasingly.

"You miss me?" My voice came out huskily.

She nodded with her eyes closed but I wasn't satisfied yet.

"I wanna hear it from you.say it baby did you miss me?'" I tired to tease her even more.

"Yes I missed you." Damn her voice were pleasant to the ears as my little man responded fine to it.

I slowly inserted my d*ck into her and thrust in and outta her with so much.

Not breaking my gaze from hers while I make love to her.

Really wish we could stay all night like this.

Damn! She's still so tight. 

She called out my name in her moans giving me the vibe I needed.

Soon my cum had began to build up. I cummed massively in her honeypot and fell on the other side of the bed panting heavily.

We stayed like that silently, how breathing were the only thing  that could be heard as I pulled her into my into my warmth and hug her tightly.

"Its gonna be over soon I promise." I find myself sniffing her hair like a dog.

She always smelt good including her hair which smelt like strawberry.

" I know love.. Its funny how I can't wait a single day to be back in your arms forever. I feel disgusted that I've to share with another woman." She trailed off.

I groan softly when I felt my rod poking her *ss.

She giggled childish and turned to look at me.

"Someone is angry ."I frown slightly and she chuckled softly making me want her more.

She's my overdose I don't wanna stop because I'm addicted to her already.

I tried to kiss her but she placed a finger on my lips denying me asses to her cute lips.

"Ahh ahh mister you're taking a shower first." She sounded like mom and I burst into laughter.

"I say we shower together." I smirked mischievously making her giggle.

"And get to complete what we started." She winked and snatched the sheets from me.




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