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{Baby father }   



I laid on the couch tiredly when I felt strong pairs of arm cuddling with me.

His scent hit my nostril and I smile inwardly knowing who it was.

"Baby?" He mumbled and planted a kiss on my ear.

" you're late." I feigned annoyance and he breath out tiredly. I could feel his hot breath against my neck as it sent sensational feelings down my body.

"Am sorry stuck in traffic." He sigh and I turned to face him.

"Are you okay ? You look so tired." My eyebrows crease in concern.

"I'm fine let's just stay this way please love." He pouts and I chuckled softly.

"You're one naughty baby boy."I pecked his forehead and his nose but he wasn't satisfied as he took my lips in his and kiss me like never before.

At first he was pretty fast and rough as we both struggle to breathe.

Soon he was a bit slow and gentle as his arms move around my waist pulling me closer to him.

He planted kisses all over my face and back to my lips, taking them in and nibbling on my bottom lip.

I felt his teeth dig into my lip like a vampire and kept kissing like never.

He stood up and carried me in bridal style and walk towards the stairs.

The maids kept their distance from the hallway and focused more on their chores for they know how their master can be.

I kept staring at his beautifully craft face.

Bet am the most luckiest girl around. Jayden was more than a perfect boyfriend, he's everything a girl would want their dream man to be.

He took me to the master bedroom and slowly dropped me on the bed not breaking his gaze from mine he hover over me and took my lips in his again.

This time pretty fast as he went for my neckline planting soft kisses on em.

He slide his hand into my dress and trailed it on my thigh as it sent shock waves all over my body.

Slowly he took off my dress and toss it across the room as his eyes feast on my body like a hawk.

He let out a loud hiss while his fingers struggled with my bra and finally he was able to take it off.

Without wasting much time he took one of my peak into his mouth and cupped the other one with his hand.

A moan escaped my lips as he bite me teasingly.

I took off his belt in a rush and help him take off his shirt revealing his harden chest. I could swear I was seriously drooling over his masculine figure.

He rolled me over and made me take charge as he took my lips in his again while he guided his shaft into me.

I gasps as he intentionally took it out and put it back in. Is he tryna tease me right now?.



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