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{Baby father }



I grabbed shan tel by the arm and dragged her upstairs to my room where our conversation won't be heard by anyone.

She wiggled her arm and took it from me.

"What do you wanna say now?" She said with her hands folded around her chest.

"SSH sissy i thought you're smarter than this turns out i was wrong." I smirked and she became confused.

"You're seriously getting me all confused. " she sighed.

I took out time to explain everything to her and she gasped in surprise.

"Do you understand now?" I asked and she nodded.

"I've always had my suspicions about her but didn't know she would go to this extent." She said obviously annoyed.

"Everything would become clear in front of the whole world tomorrow, right now I've to make her believe I'm with her now leaving her defenseless before attacking."i grinned rubbing my palms together.

"What do you have me do at the moment?" She asked eagerly.

"Nothing just keep acting like you're against it and make sure to keep mom on a safer distance because she's definitely gonna call me." I explained and she nodded affirmatively.


After the little talking with Shan tel , i want over to mom's study room and walked in without knocking.

She sat down behind the desk going through some paperwork. She stopped what she was doing and took off her glasses just to stare at me properly.

"You asked to see me mom?" I sounded rather innocent.

"What's this i hear about kathy leaving the mansion?" She frown at me and i shrugged.

"Mom can we not talk about this right now? Am so happy today I'm gonna get married to Keisha tomorrow so don't be a mood spoiler." I said nonchalantly.

She widen her eyes in shock while staring back at me in disbelief.

"You're getting what!!! Don't you dare taste my patience Jayden Alejandro Cartel!" I could tell she was really pissed considering the fact that she mentioned my name in full.

"Come on mom I'm only doing what's right and you just have to trust me on this i promise not to let you down." I looked at her in a calm way making her look soften at my words.

She sighed and slumped on her chair.

"I just have one request from you mom." I gave her those cute puppy eyes which she literally can't resist.

"And what that be ?" She sighed sadly seeing how my eyes where having a great effect on her 

"Be at the cathedral tomorrow morning and trust me when i say im doing the right thing. Turns out I'd defeated her already as she couldn't say anything anymore.

"I hope you don't let me down." She said and went back to what she was doing before I'd stepped in.

"I won't . thanks so much for the being the world best mom." I grinned from ear to ear.



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