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{Baby father }



While having breakfast and shan tel who seem to shocked to see me seating close to keisha let alone talk to her in the calmest way I can.

Actually I feel suffocated around her but unfortunately I just have to do it for the main time till I properly expose her in front of the world.

I winked at kathy secretly when I saw her descend down the stairs holding that stern look like someone who's in for some trouble making.

She wore transparent clothing which somewhat made her look extremely sexy.

Everyone turned to her direction to see her glaring hard at everyone by the table.

"And where do you think you going huh?" I sounded rather possessive. Bet keisha is seriously enjoying the show.

"That should be none of your business you slimy cheat." She spat and I shan tel diverted her gaze towards me, maybe confused about the whole thing since I'd told Blake not to disclose it to her.

"Like you any better." I snarl and she rolled her eyes before walking away.

"Mind telling me what this is about?" Shan tel frowned at me.

"Kathy thinks am cheating on her with Keisha. On the bright side maybe I'm actually cheating." I winked at keisha and she blush heavily. Yuck! Disgusting!

"Wtf! Are you blabbing about?" She was yet to understand what was going on.

"What I'm saying is that I'm reconsidering my decision of marrying her  and marry keisha instead." I marvelled at how the lies rolled freely off my tongue.

"You're kidding right? Tell me you're kidding please??" She was becoming a bit sensational.

Bet keisha wasnt expecting this shocking revelation for she was super happy.

"Does he look like he's joking? Stop being so naive sis makes me wonder why you're the eldest." Blake sounded rather sarcastic.

"Wait till mom hears about this." Her chair made screeching sounds which were obviously because she was angry.

She angrily left the table and hurrily headed upstairs leaving just Blake , Keisha and me.

"ERM I gotta bail bro , Miguel called." Blake lied and excuse himself now its just me and the witch.

Gush I wish there was another way than this. 

"So ?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Well?" I smirked.

"Did you actually mean everything you said earlier?" She smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah I did. Have come to realize how much I still feel something for you deep down no matter how I try to conceal it." I blurted out a fine piece of lie which I know would never come to reality.

her face had turned red obviously from my mere words.

It wasn't as hard as I thought. 

Just a few more straws and she's done.



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