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It was another beautiful morning for me as I got outta bed a bit happy for i was kinda in a good mood.

Without wasting much time I slide outta the duvet and headed towards the bathroom humming a song.

Turn on the shower and took a shower and ..

Coming outta the bathroom in a bathrobe, I walked towards the closet which was super big in size.

Soon all of this riches will be mine . they'll bow down to me and kiss my feet if I wanted before kicking them outta my mansion .

I wore a simple red dress which cling to my body elegantly and parked my hair in a messy bun.

Once I knew I looked presentable I walked towards the glass door only to be greeted with a shocking sight.

"Oh really?? You're such an impatient person." Jay hissed irritatedly as he tried to get away from her...

Wow this is really nice. Seems like they both decided to make things easier for me.

I stood by the door staring back at the beautiful sight that graced me .

"Wow! Is this really you jay? You know what the engagement is off fool!!" She yelled and rush back inside and locked him out.

I really feel like kissing Kathy for trying to make my work a easy one for there were starting to have a rift between them.

"Fine! Suit yourself." Jay sounded rather pissed and he started walking towards me.

"Relax okay? You have a good heart don't let it be torn by a woman." I spoke the moment he was close to me and he looked me in surprise.



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