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{Baby father }



Its a shame everything is going sideways without anyone else noticing what's going on.

Have come to find out that Keisha has been faking her pregnancy I just need some concrete evidence to back my claim up but unfortunately the more I tried to look into it the further the evidence slipped away from me.

What do I do? Jayden doesn't deserve to be manipulated that way. Which leaves me to one basic answer.

The three different doctors that conducted the DNA test hopefully I might be able to get enough evidence to bring that witch down.

Falcon Elenore was the first , Alexander Reed, Nicholas Templeton.

This three mens somehow holds answers to my questions.

I sighed in frustration and walked outta the study room and descended down the stairs only to bumped into Keisha .

She looked startled by my presence.

I frown and tried to walk pass her for I don't ever feel comfortable around her.

She rolled her eyes on seeing it was me.

I suddenly felt the urge to say something and I did.

"You know that smile on your face ain't gonna last forever. Enjoy it while you still can." My cold sounded so cold holding no emotions.

She scoff and hurrily took the stairs.


An important meeting had been set up behind schedule without being informed.

Makes me wonder what the meeting was all about.

Had explained to Kathy who in turn understood and let me leave.

Didnt wanna go but had no option for the meeting had involved the board of directors and shareholders.

I grabbed my car keys and strolled down the stairs the hallway was unexpectedly empty with no maids or family members running around.

Not that I cared though for I liked it peaceful.

Walking towards my car and got in immediately.


I stood there staring from one board member to another as they kept whispering.

So it has come to my notice that Sanchez and Edwardo , a few outta multiple shareholders who also belong to the higher ups wants to withdraw his shares.

My expression held that of boredom. All I  wanted at the moment was to get outta this goddam chair.

"So If I'm being correct you wanna withdraw your shares from my company?" I sounded rather intrigued than bothered.

"ERM actually Mr Cartel I don't really wanna sound rude but with the recent events which had occurred only makes us wonder if you're capable of handling everything at the moment." Sanchez sounded irritating for I knew what was going on.

"How much did she pay you for this ?or rather how pleasant did she tasted like?" I said with an intimidating look which made them tremble in fear.

"Hh..wh..what do you mean?"




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