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{Baby father }


🤦🏼 KEISHA 🤦🏼

I showered and got dressed in one of my see through dress. One seductive enough to make heads turn.

Its high time I put an end to that stupid doctor so he won't go around saying shit.

One quick glance at my reflection I picked up my clutch and walked outta my room only to bump into Jay at hallway.

I tried to ignore and walk pass him but he  caught me by the forearm and pulled me back.

"And where do you think you going? He glared hard at me trying to bore holes on my skin.

"I don't recall employing you as my bodyguard." I hissed in pain as his grip on me was way aggressive and tight.

"What were you thinking ? Pulling such baseless stunt? Ttch! You so predictable." He scoff and I rolled my eyes.

"Call it whatever you want. Right now I've somewhere to be at the moment so if you don't mind." I glared back at him and he let me off roughly.

"Let me remind you whose house you live in. One more silly move from you and you're outta this place forever." He threatened with that he walked away.

I huffed loudly and took the stairs thinking about how his words were always unfiltered.

Maybe that was the reason why I wanted him so badly even if it means killing someone.

Walking outta the Cartel mansion to the street. I flagged down a cab and gave him direction of where I was headed.


The car pulled up few walks away from his mansion and I paid the cab driver before walking towards his mansion on foot.

Got to the gate shortly and it opened after mentioning my name and walked right into the house.

It seem awfully quiet yet had a peaceful atmosphere.

Walked hastily to the entrance and was ushered in my falcon who seem to be waiting for my arrival.

"Hello princess, nice to see you again." He had a coy smile plastered on his face as he led me to his living room and gestured me to a couch which I sat down without much hesitation.

"Was wondering why you won't stop bugging me, thought the deal was off? What else do you want?" I sounded rather annoyed.

"Am so sorry sweet, just couldn't get over how you felt like with me hovering over you. " He smirked and sat down with his legs crossed.

"by Which you mean?" I furrowed my eyebrow.

"I want you baby girl."he said huskily and moved closer to me. Unfortunately he wasn't fast enough for I'd secretly pulled out my gun which I'd kept in my clutch.

"You want me? Come and get me." I whispered audibly waiting for him to get closer.

He was an inch apart when I shot him right through his f*cking skull.

"Bye bye !! Boo boo." I whispered into his ear as his head ooze out alot of blood.



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