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{Baby father }



I didn't want her to find out this way but of what use was it if I still kept it a secret and she found out from another source.

"When I was taken to the hospital right on time I got saved by the door who flushed it outta my system but sadly I won't be able to sing or try anything of high pitched." I was stunned when she ran into my arms forming a hug.

" am so sorry you had to go through all that." She said and it came out more like a whisper.

I placed my hand on her back rocking it smoothly as we stayed that way.

"You dont have to be sorry for me okay?" I pecked her hair and she nodded slowly.

"Its all my fault. I shouldn't have left you in the first place." She mumbled and I find myself smiling at her childish self.

"And you did come back. What yah say we get married next week?" She raised her head to look Me directly at the eyes.

"Are you tryna sweet talk me right now?" She frown slightly.

" more than serious baby. Can't wait to get married to you." I chuckled softly and she cling on to Me even more.

" can't wait."she chuckled.

🤦🏼 KEISHA 🤦🏼

Dammn you jay!! Damn you!! Once again he'd gotten one step ahead of me.

The harder you try the more interesting this is gonna get.

For now am just gonna lay low before striking again his time harder.

I picked up my phone which had been making buzzing sounds in my designer bag.

Took it outta the bag and glanced at the screen with a scotch face.

Why the heck is he calling me?

I picked up the call after much hesitation.

📞 what do you want?" I half yelled.

📞 patience My darling. Patience." I heard him chuckled softly over the phone.

📞 I don't play games with me Falcon. State your business and get on with it." I felt irritated by his stupid calls.

📞 you know what I want baby girl. " he said getting on my nerves.

📞 go to hell old man." I barked and I think that provoked him the more.

📞okay then maybe along the way I might just stop by and tell Jay everything which am sure you won't want to happen." He said with a tint of mockery in his voice.

I sighed in frustration knowing fully of what he was capable of.

Doctor falcon happens to know my secrets and uses it as a key to blackmailing me whenever he wants.

Seems like I'll have to do something about him soon else He's gonna rat me out.

📞fine I'll be there in ten." With that I hang up.




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