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{Baby father }



I sat down trying to digest the whole thing that just happened.

Shan tel wasn't willing to tell me about which leaves me to one question.

Why did jay quit singing? He never really told me why for I never bothered with such questions.

I heaved a sigh and dragged myself to the bed.

Wanted calling but I restricted myself from doing so.

So much for getting dressed up for a tea party which wasn't really attended.


I forced my eyes open when I heard the door clicked.

How long have I slept? Gush lost track of time.

Glancing around the room and my eyes fell on jay who walked into the room with a rather blank expression.

One could hardly tell what he was thinking at the moment.

"Hey babe." He faked a smile which I knew were not genuine.

"Hey." I drawed and sat upright to stare at him.

"Something wrong? You look rather disturbed." He asked as he moved closer and sat down beside me.

"Can I ask you something jay?" I furrowed My brows as he stared at me innocently.

Jay was one of the best singer and would melt a heart with his voice.

"Hmm?" He undid the cufflinks.

"Why did you stopped singing?"I threw it right at him without any hesitation.

On hearing that his body froze and he stood up with that same blank expression and turned his back against.

"Nothing I just felt singing ain't for me but business is." He bluntly said but I couldn't bring myself to Believe it for there was more to it.

"I don't believe you jay. Please I really wanna know why you suddenly quit doing something you once loved with your whole life." I tried to reason with him and he let out a sigh.

"Its not something I like to talk about Kathy." He said in between clenched teeth and I got really upset.

"Wow this so impressive. I see how you showing how much you love me by not trust me with anything. Maybe I shouldn't have asked." I angrily stood up and wanted walking away when his voice made me stop dead on my track.

"It a Saturday night. Keisha had insisted i attended a friend's party with her. Though I Never did buy the idea but then I was so blinded by love and went on with her." He paused and looked at me.

His eyes held so much emotions which I could make out of.

"We started drinking so much I didn't know someone had tipped my drink. Turns out some particles of a metallic stuff had been placed in my drink which I wasn't aware of . I started to bleed not long after gulping down the whole thing. " I could feel my hand formed a feist as I got irritated by the thought of it.



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