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The day wasn't exactly going as expected. Shan tel insisted I went out with her.

A friend had invited her for a tea party, when I was a kid I never really fancied attending tea parties considering the fact that I never had friends back then I was known as the weird girl with the jade green eyes.

I took a shower and wore a black short gown which stopped just before my knee, it has glitters all over it giving it a beautiful appearance. A black wedge to add to it .

"Are you ready darling?" Shantel who had been waiting for me at the room spoke and stood up to face me.

"Yeah I think." I sighed and ran my eyes down my body before settling on shan tel who wouldn't stop smiling.

"Are you for real girl! you look amazing" she complimented and I blushed.

All this while I didn't take note of the content displaying on the 62inches led TV.

I froze when I heard the word Cartel. One quick glance at shan tel we directed our gaze to the TV to find jay in a tight spot for the press were all over him.

Shan tel crease her eyebrows which formed a frown.

Wait! Did they just made mention of jay involvement in an accident.

I turned towards the directon where shantel stood. She looked away the moment our eyes met.

I didn't tear my gaze away as I kept staring at her waiting for her to start talking but instead she lowered her gaze which means she knew something about it .

"What are they talking about ?" I asked tryna sound calm as possible.

She sighed frustratedly and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Am sorry Zoey but its not in my place to tell you." With that she walked outta the room.

Huh? What the heck just happened?


I sat down at the doctor's office waiting for his report. Not too long he walked through the door and walked right pass me to his chair..

He had the tired look which I was already fond of..

"So? Any development?" I asked, could feel the eagerness in my voice.

For I won't deny the fact that I missed singing. There so many songs I would love to sing out to kathy but I just couldn't.

"Am afraid not Mr Cartel for it only got worst. The rate at which your lungs had been silently shun to singing didn't help rather it got worst. " it rolled out his tongue while adjusted his glasses which rested on the bridge of his nose.

I furrowed my eyebrows and rubbed my temple.

"Isn't there any recommendations?" I cocked my brows.

He nodded sadly and I heaved a sign.

Looks like it just got worst maybe singing wasn't made for. Business has been the one i was really good at but didn't pay much attention to it.




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