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{Baby father }



Those words rang a bell in my ears for I was shocked to the bone. Not until this moment Keisha's pregnancy was just between the family which made me wonder how the press got to know about it, unless ofcourse someone did tell them about it..

"What happens behind the closed doors of my mansion shouldn't be of concern to anyone." I tried to wave them over but it seems they ain't done yet.

🗣 why did you stop singing? Did anything happen during the accident?" The asked and I was stunned.

Where the heck is this shit coming from?

🗣 it is said that the girl pregnant for you has been going through physical assault from your girlfriend. How true are this rumors?" The further asked leaving me in a shocking state .

"Get the f*ck outta my property before I lose my cool!!" I growled and they flinch back in fear.

You see i have the habit to make people tremble in fear when am angry.

I signaled the securities who came rushing to the scene.

With one snap of my finger the broadcasters were thrown outta the premises of the company.

Good riddance.

I turned towards the entrance only to find stupid looking staring back at me since they had nothing to do.

"I guess you all don't have something doing. It would be quite fun if I'd thrown you all outta my company." I grinned and they all scrawled away getting back to their various duties.

It was obvious they were all scared of loosing their job.

I smiled and got into the elevator. A part of me wanted to crush that evil witch. 

If she thinks pulling a stunt like this was gonna move then she hasn't seen anything yet.

I hummed to a song as I walked to my office which had the best view of the city from up here I get to see all over the city.

I sighed tiredly as i felt like singing but then I couldn't.

Its time I go pay my doctor a visit let's see what comes up .

My worry wasn't about me singing but about kathy. Am pretty sure she did watched the news and a lot of questions would definitely going through her head right now.

Questions which I didn't think I was gonna answer any time sooner.

Didn't wanna tell her about my accident which caused Me my voice.

I grabbed hold of my chair and I pulled it out before taking a seat.

One glance at the files in front me and I irritatedly pressed the intercom.

"Come to my office now." I spoke into it and let go of the button.

It wasn't up to ten seconds when a knock landed on my door , I muttered a come in for I know who it was.

The door pulled open and Mia walked in formally.

"You sent for me boss?" She spoke calmly and I raised my head up to look at her.

"Cancel all my meetings and appointments for the day."



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