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{Baby father }



Kathy's words were stuck to my ears. Why is she saying all this ? Or did she find something that could help.

"Hmm? What makes you think so?" I asked while playing with a strand of her hair.

" I don't know but deep down I feel everything is being planed out by her ."she sighed before looking away frustratedly .

"Maybe you do have a point but we can't be that sure for now babe until we find something useful." I cupped her chin and gave her a brief kiss.

"Am gonna do everything it takes to get you outta this mess, but right now I missed you " she shyly said and I busted out laughing .

This was the first time she would boldly tell me she wants me 

"Aww baby I missed you too. Do you want me?" I smirked and her cheeks had turned so red.

she nodded with her hands places on my chest. I took her outta bed and walked towards the bathroom before taking off her clothes and places her in the bathtub.

We gonna make love in the shower.


Ahh!! I screamed and broke the mirror in the bathroom angrily.

How dare him treat me like shit? Was I not good enough for him?

I remember when he would do anything to be with me and loved me wholeheartedly.

Swears I'll make him pay for treating me like shit. Maybe because I was treating him nicely he felt he could act the way he wants ?

Its time to spice things up let's see how he's gonna escape this one.

"I promise you Katherine you gonna regret the day you fell in love with my man." I said to my self and walked out ta the bathroom.



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